Social Aspects

  • Human Resource Utilisation- More About HRM


    Human resource utilization cannot be put in a formula of output versus input as the individual highly complex and interpersonal relationship still more complex besides the group dynamics and organizational ideology. Therefore, the need of the time and the challenge before the manager

  • Social Life Today

    Earlier in olden days before the invention of telephones and other means of communication people, people would travel miles and miles to see their friends, relatives and even their loved ones. The conversations were more lively involving more love, affection, and happiness. People back then

  • Why social life is important for students?

    As humans, we find it difficult to survive in solitude, and our ability to maintain our social lives is what keeps us going. To have a healthy social life is the right of every child. A student’s mental well-being, self-esteem, self-confidence, and abilities to perform in school, depends upon