• Some unusual tips to start your day ..

    Most of us start our day with the ringing tone of the alarm clock and then rush on with our daily routine like brushing our teeth and fixing breakfast and getting ready to leave for work and so on. It is a routine that builds stress in many people because at the back of ones mind is the feeling

  • Spotless home - some tips !

    One cannot compromise with cleanliness especially within ones home...To have a spotless home there are certain tasks that we need to do every day.Here is a list of dos that most people would do to keep their homes spotless , clean and safe...very practical tips that one can easily follow and

  • Stock Market

    What do you think are necessary to successfully invest in Stock Markets? Is it the analysis through different ratios along with a look on the quarterly reports & disclosures & profitability. Knowing companies act provisions, constant update with MCA amendments regarding all laws are