• Essence of parent- child relation

    This is a topic on which not many people speak on. However, the silence needs to be broken and the truth must be revealed. Parenthood is one of the most difficult things to do. It is not just about raising a child, it is also about maintaining a social status with earning for the family, but

  • Love Proposal

    If you love someone , go for it . what are you afraid of ? Rejection? Are you sure you will get rejected ? Why not give it a try? Even if you got rejected ,you will atleast have mental peace that you atleast confessed.You will learn a lesson from it . Sitting at a place and doing nothing .

  • Ode To Death

    Ode To Death

    The More, The Merrier





  • Why are we Morbidly curious?/Why do we do violence?

    You might have seen in history about brutal human beings have gone, for example only the torture done by Hitler on Jewish people 

    he slaughtered many of them and the remaining became the part of horrible experiments done by the Germans, these are just very few examples that are