Smile-remedy for all ills!

After the common cold, the next thing,but the best thing that catches us quickly is a smile. A comic show on the telly, a baby that gives us a drooling smile in the train, an empathetic stranger in a long winding queue, anything makes you smile as...

Living life without expectations

What do we need from, affection, prosperity, success, good health, education, recognition and so on. So our life is bound by numerous expectations and sometimes expectations go beyond our reach. As a child we expect the best things...

Give Stress A Rest

Stress as we know is a killer and unless we take preventive measures early in life we may succumb to this vicious malady .  Some common stress triggers 1, You are constantly worried about certain problems in your life but are unable to find...

Aromatherapy For Body, Mind and Spirit

What is Aromatherapy? The use of fragrant essential oils to heal certain ailments and to alleviate mood is called Aromatherapy, an alternative form of medicine. All plant roots, stems, leaves, seeds, flowers etc. contain a combination of oils in...

The Contributions of Traditional Yoga

The Concept of Yoga Volumes have been written about the concept of Yoga and its benefits to our entire being. We get to see yoga centers mushrooming in every corner of our cities some of them run by valid and well versed yoga teachers some not so....

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Remove newfolder.exe virus If in your computer have newfolder.exe virus then there are some ways to remove those viruses. Download Free Antivirus such
Let us talk about the origin The famous Balasaraswati has aptly defined Bharatanatyam as a variety of artistic yoga that reveals through the physical
Anil Alias Paul
Ramzan is the holy festival of Muslims.It is the festival To Pray,To love,To care the following is the days of Fasting  and then took up the