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The First Phone call made : Hello India ! Mobile phones have become a very basic commodity now-a-days. Even a very common man can be seen conversing on a mobile phone, but this...

Till a few decades back energy in India meant electrical energy generated by employing hydro, thermal and nuclear sources. India is blessed with ample hydro and thermal reserves...

After work shift, it’s already late. A single rest day is Sunday. Then where is the time to do shopping for interior decoration of the new home? If we give the assignment to buy...

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Two different versions Woman and man are inseparable but they have some basic differences. They have a true love and hate relation despite the fact remains
Loving just does not mean playing with your pet or patting it now and then. Your pet is a living being. It needs to be looked after properly. Most people
(Do not worry, it's legal) ......... What a couple of things perhaps the most important events will go through is one. And it is not surprising that this
  The Lessons of 26/11   Today is 26 th November and the first anniversary of the terror attack perpetrated by the militant groups based in Pakistan.
madugundu krishna
  Flowers Fact about flowers The world’s tallest flower is the 2.5 meters Titan arum that grows in the tropical jungles of Sumatra. Titan