The First Phone call made : Hello India ! Mobile phones have become a very basic commodity now-a-days. Even a very common man can be seen conversing on a mobile phone, but this was not the same two decades before from now. It was in 31st July 1995...

Till a few decades back energy in India meant electrical energy generated by employing hydro, thermal and nuclear sources. India is blessed with ample hydro and thermal reserves in form of rivers and one of the world's largest deposits of coal...

After work shift, it’s already late. A single rest day is Sunday. Then where is the time to do shopping for interior decoration of the new home? If we give the assignment to buy interior decoration material to someone else, it may never match our...

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Generally a student has to confine himself to his studies. But it is good to remember that he has an obligation to his motherland. In times of need
usha manohar
A very common phenomenon Many people complain about lack of sleep right at the beginning of the day. They wake up with an unwillingness to leave the warm
Mohammed Fouzan
Alappuzha is the place where most of the foreigners visiting. There is a beautiful beach in Alappuzha. There are also many memorials of many great peoples.
Abhishek Dua
  Every time you get a large electricity bill, it might be because you haven't concentrated on the fact that even a single bulb left lightened, can
Rohit Gupta
Why Application Performance Is Important APM is the practice of optimizing network service response time. It also entails managing the consistency and