The First Phone call made : Hello India ! Mobile phones have become a very basic commodity now-a-days. Even a very common man can be seen conversing on a mobile phone, but this was not the same two decades before from now. It was in 31st July 1995...

Till a few decades back energy in India meant electrical energy generated by employing hydro, thermal and nuclear sources. India is blessed with ample hydro and thermal reserves in form of rivers and one of the world's largest deposits of coal...

After work shift, it’s already late. A single rest day is Sunday. Then where is the time to do shopping for interior decoration of the new home? If we give the assignment to buy interior decoration material to someone else, it may never match our...

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Suguna Rajaraman
Very poor payment.
A single flower can move a heart; a single thorn can rip it apart. There was once a big traffic jam on a street in Mumbai. The loud honking of the horns
Turpentine baths. 550 ml.water,0.75 gr.salic acid,30 gr.shred baby s soap,500 gr raisin turpentine. in a boil water add acid,mix,add soap,in dulite
Savita and Kavita are neighbors. They go to same school and they are in the same class. In their class, there are some non-local students, who speak different
S. Rajalakshmi
Asthma   Asthma is a chronic disease of the airways. From time to time, by irritating substances or substances which the patient is allergic, in a cold