Why Java?

Why to choose Java? In the computer market, being able to use Java is a crucial knowledge. Java is a development terminology used to build compelling content for websites, stand-alone application, and server-side programs. The Java foundation is...

Basics of JDBC

DATABASE CONNECTIVITY This articles explains the need of database connectivity, the way it is achieved through Java using the JDBC(java database connectivity) APIs. Need of Database Connetivity Consider a scenario where you have to develop an...

How to run simple java program?

  Write your first simple java program.   First of all we need is a placewhere we can write your Java code. All Java programs are written using plain text files such as a notepad.Therefore there is no need of a fancy software.Lets come to...

Array of objects in java

Array of objects in Java Arrays are defined as block of continous memory locations which are arranged in one after another. Elements of the Array can be accessed by the index number as:  a[2] Syntax: data_type[] array_name = new data_type[number...

Synchronized blocks

Synchronized block is alternative mechanism for "synchronized" methods.If we inherihate the non synchronized blocks either from base class or interface inface into our derived class and the inheriated non-synchronized method is trying to accessed...

1) Go to the Path: C:Program FilesApache GroupTomcat 4.1webapps Create the following directory structure Exampledate ( it’s a Folder Name) META-INF Manifest.mf – can be an empty file WEB-INF web.xml ExampleDate.jsp   2) ExampleDate.jsp:  Hello!...

Java Drive By

For hacking dudes, this will be another useful article. The Java Drive By is basically a fake web-client which automatically installs our executable files on victims machine Requirements :- 1) Java installed on victims computer 2) Evil brain...

Hi,   One of the most important concepts in java is Threads. If we want to master in java we need to have a sound knowledge in the concept of threads and programming of java using threads. I am going to explain this with an illustrative program;...

Object Oriented Programming

Object- Oriented Programming – An Introduction OOPs Stands for object oriented programming. It is a very efficient langauge which remove the problems regarding procedural programming and its based on real life. The first achievement of OOP...

Java Servlets

Servlets What are Servlets? The following are the basic steps of using servlets: •    The client makes a request.•    The Web server forwards the request to the servlet after receiving it from the client.•    Some kind of process is done by the...

Exception handling in java - basics

Exception? What does that mean? "Exception" in general means something which is not usual or something which is different from normal. For example, taking tablets or some medicine can be considered as an exception. Because they do not happen...


JDBC   Introduction As Per My Knowledge Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) is a standard database access interface with SQL. It provides programmers with a uniform interface to various relational database systems regardless of differences...

Java Platform Enterprise Edition


Secure Java Components


Threads In Java


function checkNumber(aNumber) { if (aNumber > 0 && aNumber...

Java Classes

JaVa Introduction to ClassesThe objects and classes are the basis for object-oriented programming. In Java, the class facility is used to define new data types. That’s why classes are called user-defined data types. Actually classes help you to...

JSP Technology

  JAVA SERVER PAGES TECHNOLOGY With the advent of internet, the monolithic application architecture changed to the multi-tiered client-server architecture. The need for server side scripting gradually began to dominate aspects of web...

How to use shift operators

Right and Left shift operators The right and left shift operators are binary operators.One operand represents the number in which bits are to be shifted and the other operand represents the shift positions.The shift operators are applied on...

Adapter Demo in Java

import java.awt.*;import java.awt.event.*;import java.applet.*;/**/public class AdapterDemo extends Applet{        public void init()        {                addMouseListener(new MyMouseAdapter(this));                addMouseMotionListener(new...

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