Anyone can suggest me non clinical career options after bds ?????

I am about to complete my bachelor of dental surgery. And i was wondering​ what to do... . May be i'll join a clinic to improve my working skills. And meanwhile, i would prefer to do​ any non clinical job. Please leave your views and opinions !!!!!!

Category: Higher Education

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There are quite a good  number of non Clinical career opportunities after the completion BDS

You can join as a lecturer or tutor

Short Service Commissioned Officer in the Defense,Hospital Management to name a few.

Vinita For hospital management i think i'll need to do Mba with hospital management. Okay, i'll think about it. Thanks for your advice. - Vinita - 4 years ago


There are no experts on clinical and dental professions here so any advise given would be what they look up on the net. I would think you can do the same probably much better than us since you know what suits you best and what the requirements are ..


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