• Anyone can suggest me non clinical career options after bds ?????

    I am about to complete my bachelor of dental surgery. And i was wondering​ what to do... . May be i'll join a clinic to improve my working skills. And meanwhile, i would prefer to do​ any non clinical job. Please leave your views and opinions !!!!!!

  • Bias in History Books by NCERT for School Students in India

    India is a peculiar case in world history. Nowhere is history falsified for students on political grounds than in India and the result is that school textbooks give a biased account of events that unfolded centuries ago. This is hard to explain and one has to look for a reason.

    I had a

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  • Drawbacks of Indian Education

    Today's scenario, Indian Education is more costly for parents and burdensome of students. Moreover, It is irrelevant. I would like to discussed major drawback of Indian education system.

    1. Burdensome Lengthy Syllabus

    From primary school to high-school, Most of

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    A few years back ,I can still remember, we were seated inside our school auditorium during an event and were asked about the purpose of getting educated. The answer that came from all but a few was ‘to get white collared jobs, earn more, live

  • Education vs Religion

    Daily Amar Ujala dated 17 November 2015 mentions that India has 12.1 worshipping places per one thousand families whereas there are only 8.1 educational institutions per one thousand families in this country. We must enhance the number of the educational institutes to improve the education level...
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  • Human Resource Management In Nursing Administration And Medical

    An Industrial Revolution of 1950, has brought about specialization and growth in the size of the organizations, awakening in labour, resulting in the formation of various labour organizations and federation. Cultural and social changes are now very fast due to the changes in the educational


    Many of the candidates asked about what to choose from "SSC CGL or IBPS PO"confounded

    Work Profile

    SSC CGL:

    • Carry out
  • Indian Education System in Need of A Revamp


  • Light dual nature

    Light dual nature


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  • Online Education is an internet-based learning without limitations

    No matter what course you intend to enroll in, online education has made a lot of conveniences for you. Whether it is associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or an online life experience degree, e-learning providers are always leading in the industry. It is

  • Preface to Shakespeare by Samuel Johnson

    Preface to Shakespeare:

    It is regarded as the master piece of Johnson's literary criticism. It holds a mirror to Johnson gifts of individuality of style reflecting his ingenuity, common sense, discernment and extensive language and literature.

    Shakespeare's Merits:

    As a

  • The constant lack of quality engineers in India in recent times

    About 1.5 million engineers are released every year from various colleges throughout the country, but most of them simply do not have the required skill to be employed.The amount of students opting to become engineers is so much that engineering is easily the mass

  • The Increasing burden of education

    India is developing and so is the quality if life, education , living standard and expenses. Every parent wants their child to get the best of education but can provide whatever they can afford. 

    It is not hidden that private schools and colleges have their fee structures that

  • The position of female education


    The development of a nation, we often heard this word from the politician, mostly in election times. But do we realize that the development of nation depends on education of both men and women. It is rather a debating question whether the women in India

  • Travelling as a part of education


    We all have a powerful desire in our mind to see the unseen and to know the unknown. As a result we spontaneously seek for travelling for it has really a charm and novelty of its own. Travelling not only means roaming here and there, it also means to get knowledge