Whether you live in a bungalow,villa or a small flat, curtains are an integral part of home decor. About eighty percent of our interiors can be transformed with the help of curtains. Be it a wedding venue, a classic restaurant, office space or your home its needles to say that curtains enhance the surroundings.If you want to refurbish your living space without too many changes,the smartest way to do it is by changing the curtains.The color contrasts,floral designs and various curtain patterns can work magic to your dear spot.So next time, if you plan to renovate your room or try to break its monotony with minimum investment, changing your curtains is the smartest way out.

Up till now, I was completely ignorant about the significance of curtains. For me,they were merely pieces of cloth to cover the openings of a room like doors, windows etc. But the fact is, your curtains speak about the ambiance you want to create in a room. Whether its funky, serene, royal, experimental, gaudy, joyous, elegant or pure , almost all the moods can be reflected effectively by a curtain. There is always a curtain for a particular space and for a particular temper. Thanks to all the beautiful varieties of curtain materials available in the market nowadays.Not to mention  the various stitching patterns are an icing on the cake. The right stitching pattern added with the right curtain material looks splendid. So lets have an overview of the various curtains and their stitching patterns so that you can decide what's best for your space.

Drapery Styles:

Curtains with Eyelets: 

If you want your curtains to be simple, elegant and yet stylish, eyelet is the look for you. Eyelets are nothing but circular metal loops that are fixed at the upper end of the curtain.These loops help the formation of equally spaced plaits that look beautiful. Easy to use, the eyelets are best for solid cloth material as the plait formation is more prominent in them. However, this looks good with net curtains too. But for net you need to buy a contrasting cloth material for the eyelets to be inserted. This look is the best for offices and other workplaces.

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This is yet another style to get your curtains stitched. This also gives you the desired plaits like eyelets. However box-beads are different from the eyelets in the sense that in box-beads the plaits are stitched in the curtain itself. At the upper end, small section of curtain cloth are stitched in box like pattern resulting in the formation of beautiful plaits. The points where the boxes end and the plaits start is sometimes hidden with the help of buttons. This is yet another look called box-bead with button . If your curtain is a combination of two cloth materials, you can go for box-bead with reverse button style. This style has alternate coloured buttons on alternate cloth pieces of curtain. This style again works best for offices, dining halls.

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Curtains with royal frills:

Its important to mention here that the above two styles discussed can be implemented using a single curtain rod, but curtains with royal frills can be practiced only using double rods. This style incorporates two different cloth materials . On the lower rod , curtain material stitched in box-bead are draped . On the upper rod, inverted semicircular continuous frills are made with the frill material. At the ends, these frills end up in wave like formation, decreasing towards the end. The frill cuts are highlighted by the use of laces along the entire length of the frill. This style is my personal favourite . One must be careful while selecting the contrast for frill and curtain colour. Popular combinations are those of brown- beige, coffee- dark green. These combinations look amazing. This style is suited for the major portions of your home like drawing room. bed room etc. 

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Curtains incorporating both solid-polyester look: 

Demanding double rods, this style is the best for bed-rooms. The lower rod is draped with net or polyester material cloth of light colour like creams, off-white. On the contrary the upper rod has the heavy contrasting solid curtain. Whenever you want light to enter your bed rooms, just pull aside the solid drapery and the lower translucent polyester material will let the light in. But in case you want privacy, the net curtains can be blocked by covering them with the solid ones.

These were some of the popular styles that we can use for decorating our rooms. But be careful regarding the styles you choose for a particular space and the material you select for a particular pattern.


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