Internet Marketing Article:

Internet marketing, the word Internet marketing itself says the meaning that is marketing through internet. Internet marketing is a method of selling the products or the services through internet or World Wide Web by using internet marketing techniques. That means the products and services which we want sale with the support of website. Internet marketing is also known as online marketing.

In earlier days, internet Marketing is just selling products through internet. This is not much aware by the people as internet is not much popular at that time. But in present days, as it is a competitive world, everyone are using internet for everything. So now a day’s internet marketing has become more demandable. Every business men having a website, for selling their products and services. By this we can conclude that every business men is following internet marketing methods as it gives more quality leads in less time and with less investment.

Internet marketing is mostly used in Business Development by internet marketing techniques. Internet marketing has made easy for people to shop or order or to get anything through internet. For example if we want to purchase a product, we will be going to different shops then we select the product and purchase. But it is wastage of time and money through transportation. In the same way shopping done through internet , there will be no wastage of time and money as whole information related to the desired product are available at one place in the internet.

With the help of internet marketing, we can shop or order our desired items according to our budget. So in this manner internet marketing is useful in shopping online with no waste of time. We can promote our product very easily by internet marketing. Internet marketing is also useful for money through online.

Internet marketing has advantages and even disadvantages:

Advantages of internet marketing:

  1. Most of the business men sale their products or services through internet marketing by opting door delivery process. So there is no waste of time and money through transportation.
  2. With the help of internet marketing we can purchase anything through online transactions. No need to go to bank and wait to draw the amount. Online transaction will be done within seconds.
  3. No waste of time in online shopping, as it is a internet marketing all the things with their costs are available at one place. So we need to click and order.
  4. Through internet marketing we can get our desired product according to our budget plan within seconds. No need to check costs of every item and order. This consumes a lot of times.
  5. Mostly Internet marketing is best for product promotion or advertising as it is faster than any other methods.



Disadvantages of internet marketing:

  1. Internet marketing completely depends upon trust. Without trust Internet marketing cannot be successful.
  2. The items like vegetables, fruits, etc cannot be purchased through internet marketing.
  3. Due to this internet marketing most of the business men are preferring door delivery process for the product to reach customer. But they include shipping charges in the product cost.
  4. People waste lots of money for getting more traffic to their website, so that their Business gets developed through quality leads and conversions.
  5. We cannot get the result of internet marketing in short time. It takes at least 3months . This is an advantage of seo (search engine optimization) which is one of the tyoe of internet marketing.

Importance of internet marketing:

1. Internetmartketing is a very essential for business development through online.

2. Most of the established companies adopt Internet marketing to increase quality leads or conversions for the enrichment of their business.

3. Internet marketing has become important for the improvement of online revenue.

4. Internet marketing doesn’t need much people to handle.

5. Internetmarketing is important for getting huge traffic for website.(traffic - the number of visitors for a website)

6. Internet marketing helps in reaching the customers globally through advertising and gives us business expansion worldwide.

Facts of internet marketing:

1.Shopping can be done at our home itself with our convenience at anytime as a shopping website is a shop whose doors are 24hr open.

2. Internetmarketing is not successful with an individual as it is a huge task. So internet marketing is successful by firm.

I used to do business manually, after knowing about internet marketing, I adopted internet marketing technology and its techniques & methods. Due to this I got a lot of leads and my business developed to mnc company level. I have a hope that one day My Company will develop and will be one of the top fortune companies.


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