The internet becomes an essential part of a human being and without it no work is going to be completed. However, when we see a one or two decades before it is an interesting part of our life. This service can be used for enjoyment purpose but with the development of technology, it becomes a most essential part of our body.

Today people are just becoming mad for the internet, they want high-speed internet for their day to day purpose they cannot live a single hour without checking their e-mail account. If they want something to be search, they just open a browser and type his word. They easily found a solution of their problem over the internet. Now a day people just like video conference to talk to their relative. For home user, it becomes a thing of enjoyment, they just use YouTube to watch their favorite movie clip etc. They always want to update their Facebook status. For all this purpose, they all are in search for a high-speed internet service.


When there is a survey taken by USA about 75 percentages of adult-child use internet broadband service at their home. There was a one more survey that was taken by USA the year 2008 and according to this about 58 percentages of internet users use a cell phone or any electronic device such as PDA, etc for non voice talking such as sending Email, Recording a video, their cell phone and many other. About 42 percentages of people use wifi enabled computer and laptop or any other device to access high-speed internet without any barriers.

When we consider a few years back we have a very limit device or option through which we can use high-speed internet.

1. Suppose that if you use a laptop or any other electronic media such as mobile phone, which is WIFI enabled, then you can easily use free wifi to surf the internet and check your e-mail account in WIFI enabled area such as Airport, Collage campus, Multiplex or any other places.

2. If your mobile phone support a WAP Wireless Application Protocol) Service, then you can use the internet.

3. If you own a Smartphone, BlackBerry model then you can easily use Wap service but in a simple way. You only are only free to check E-mail and browse the internet with high speed.

But today all things have been changed as today there are lots of many mobile broadband network that offers you a high speed internet but you have to pay some amount of money to use that service. Lets come and see different type of mobile broadband networks Services in India.


To use broadband service on mobile we use the same technology. This technology Makes our mobile phone works. These all are controlled by Radio Wave and Frequencies. Mobile phone radio Tower sends a signal in the form of packets of digital information to and fro against each other and vice versa. What happens in this technology packet of digital information carry information in the form of voice data. We we take a case of a mobile broadband service it changes to different case as Packet of information carries another type of data in the form of Email, Music file, video file and web page, Streaming Video and lots more.

CDMA Technology.

To operate a mobile broadband service in India, there are two Technologies such as Global System for mobile communication (GSM) and Code Division Multiplex Access (CDMA). In our Country, GSM is more popular to use it as the internet whereas CDMA is more popular in United States Of America for accessing the Internet. Two Services GSM and CDMA are different because they use different technologies to share space on a radio spectrum. Both technologies Use different algorithms so that many people at a time to share internet service without any disturbance.


3G or mobile phone broadband is also known as third-generation mobile phone technology. Both the technologies such as GSM and CDMA has its own 3G technology so that users take the advantage of high-speed internet over a network. CDMA technology that the use of mobile broadband service is also known as EVDO. The most interesting idea is that it runs over a part of mobile which give full and entire data. When we use a voice call, it requires a lot of bandwidth so that it can maintain the quality of sound that we receive.

A voice channel can be separated by data channel so that you can enjoy a high-speed internet facility such as E-mail, watching video and surfing on the net. EVDO technology gives an Average speed of 300-400 kbps that is equivalent to DSL.


You must have an EVDO enable device to use EVDO, or you need an EVDO Network card that you might plug into your Laptop or computer. This Network Card uses a USB port to connect to the internet. You need to remain in Evdo Cellular Signal so that you can enjoy a high-speed internet without any barriers. Otherwise you’re your speed come down, and you are not able the surf the internet with high speed.

HSDPA Technology.

Your device must enable with a Technology HSDPA To Surf the internet with a high speed. One plus point is that it can support both Voice, and data transfer at a same time. In that case, you are able to surf the internet, and at the same time you may talk to your relative too. It has a best data-transfer speed for downloading as compare to upload a File. HSDPA technology gives a minimum speed of 400-800 kbps that is best than EVDO technology. You must own a HSDPA enabled device so that you can use a high-speed internet on your mobile phone or Smartphone. Otherwise you purchase a Special Network card that can be plugged into your Computer or laptop.


It makes your Device Enable so that you can surf the net with high speed. In India, there are various mobile network companies that offer mobile broadband services on your Mobile. Aircel is based on EVDO technology where as Reliance and Airtel are based on HSDPA technology. There are So many Mobile networks that offer HSDPA Service Other than this too.

The speed of this Technology depends on the area in which you stay. If you are in a Metropolitician City, then data Transfer Speed is high as compared to data-transfer speed in Rural area.

Suppose that you are in a AT&T’s (Mobile Broadband Service) Area coverage then you can easily surf the web, Do voice call, Instant Messaging, Send E-mail, etc. but when are out of this AT&T’s coverage area you are not able to do all these activities with a high speed as you do that in coverage area.

Reliance and Airtel service is same. You can enjoy everything that you think to do with mobile broadband service such as watching mobile Tv, watching streaming Video, Making phone calls, Sending E-mail, Download musics and video, Listening streaming Music and much More. You can experience the speed up to 600 kbps to 1.5 Mbps speed.

The different mobile network company has different speed, and it's different in a different area too.

What Money you have to give to these mobile network companies so that you can use a high-speed internet.

There are basic four ways by which you can connect to the 3G network are as follow:

1. PDA or Smartphone.

2. Mobile with 3G facility.

3. Computer Or laptop with PC Card.

4. Use a Mobile Phone with Computer to Access the Internet.

Different type of option here has different type of plan. It depends on the mobile network company. Among all Plan, the most expensive is monthly Plan, which is different for different mobile Company. Another plan is a pick plan that gives us maximum use of the internet with your device.

Suppose that reliance gives a monthly Unlimited Plan at a price of 1300 rupees for one month. You use a 15 GB as high. But in the case Of Airtel Mobile Company, They have a Fixed monthly unlimited plan for 1199 Rupees with a Maximum use of 10 GB.

The mostly Cellular phone company makes a package for Mobile user in India. You need to pay an extra cash for using a net plan on your mobile phone other than your regular calling Plan. There are lots of mobile plans for an Internet. Every plan contains some amount of GB uses or uses in MB. That Depend what Plan You Choose for your Mobile phone.

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