Words of wisdom

If the environment is clear only then the humanity and its civilization can survive.

Nature is the best of all the creations of god. We cannot express the beauty of nature in words. When we see flowering plants, lovely flowers, nice fruits, sparkling streams, flowing rivers, twinkling stars, blue sky, tall trees, snow-capped mountains, birds, insects, etc., we are surprised to see the power of the creator.


Sky is high

Earth is under

Between great ladders is there

It is rainbow

We will see it in rain on sunlight

It is a beautiful bridge


We are great grateful to all natural objects as they benefit us providing us with food shelter, water, fresh air, medicines, fruits, wood, etc. man and nature are both the creation of god. So we have a close association with nature. The relationship of man with nature has been since the very beginning. Therefore, all natural objects deserve not only our appreciation but our care and protection as well as.


Tree cutting


Trees cut main trouble for the environment.

Unfortunately, for his vested interest man has disturbed the flora and fauna around. He has interfered with nature. He has been continuously disturbing the ecological balance by removing plants and by polluting the environment. The human environment includes buildings, plant life, climate and.

Sunlight, rainfall, temperature, humidity and wind are the metrological factors of environment. These are very important for our lives. We are highly affected by them.

Pollution has become one of the major problems of the world these days.

Though as the wonders of science have made man’s life easier, more comfortable, happier, healthier and more prosperous, they have also brought about problem of pollution which has put the survival of humanity is in danger. `Water’ and `air’ the two essential elements of life. And both of them have been mixed with so many undesirable pollutions. So the pollution has two chief forms-

a) the pollution of water

b) the pollution of air


Air pollution

Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, metal particles are the major air pollutants.

The main source of air pollution is the smoke released by factories, power plants ad automobiles. The heavy traffic on the roads in big cities release carbon monoxide which badly affects our lungs. It causes cough, irritation in the eyes and in the throat, bronchitis, asthma, etc. when the body does not get its required supply of oxygen, it’s efficiently is affected.

Pollution is the worst enemy of man all the important cities have been found to be greatly polluted causing a number of service health problems. Today, the wonderful monument of the Taj Mahal has also become the victim of pollution. It is losing its milky whiteness under the mantel of the industrial smoke. When this monument, which is made of stone, can be affected badly by air pollution, think about ourselves.


Water pollution


The pollution of water is caused in the surface water such as that of rivers, tanks, lakes, wells, etc. when the surface water is mixed up with various kinds of impurities due to the discharge of waste by industries, hospitals, city sewage etc., it becomes poisonous and causes much harm to all living beings and vegetation. Thus, we generally have epidemics of cholera, typhoid, hepatitis and kidney problems. If the polluted water is called in a vessel and left standing for sometime, the dust which settles at the bottom can be easily seen. It is believed to cause the formation of stones in the bladder and the kidneys.

Petroleum, DDT, insecticides, pesticides, heavy metals like mercury and cadmium, nuclear wastes, detergents, sediments, etc. are also the main sources of water pollution. Out of these, mercury and cadmium are poisonous elements which polluted the water heavily.

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