I. some parts of our body

Our body is made up of a number of parts. Each one of them has its special function.

Some of these parts do not move whereas some move. Our legs and hands even help us in moving our whole body from one place to another.

a) skin

The skin is the thin outer covering of our body. Look at your hands, legs, face, neck, etc. we can see the skin all over our body.

b) Bones

The bones are made up of a hard substance. There are 206 bones in our body. Some are very small, some are big.

We can feel our bones by pressing our skin. Try to feel the bones of your fingers, Palm, wrist, hand, etc.

b) muscles

There are more than 600 muscles in the human body. The shape of the muscles can change. They can become short and thick or long and thin.

We can feel them by pinching or pressing the middle part of our arm, our cheeks, etc. try to feel the muscles of your body. They are the thick and soft parts that you feel on pinching or pressing.

II. functions of the skin, the bones and the muscles

The skin gives a pleasant appearance to our body. It protects us from germs, infections, etc.

Bones and muscles give shape to our body. Some bones have joints that can move. Bones move with help of the muscles attached to them. Muscles and bones together help us to move. None of our body parts can move without the help of the muscles.

Form a first by closing the fingers of you hand, now open it. Your fingers have moved. Now hold your notebook and lift it up and down. Your hand has moved. In both the above activities some of your bones and muscles have helped in the movement of the fingers and hands.

Our bones and muscles help us to move our body from one place to another when we walk, run, jump, swim or dance o0r when we are doing work.

III. size of the muscles

The muscles are different sizes. Some are very small e.g. muscles of eyelid, fingers and toes. Some are large e.g. legs, hands, back, etc.

IV. care of bones and muscles

a) food

Good food helps us to grow. It makes our bones and muscles strong.

b) exercise

Exercise and outdoor games keep us in good health. It helps in proper growth of our muscles. It keeps the bones and muscles study and strong.

c) posture

The manner in which we hold our body is while sitting, standing or sleeping is called posture. A good posture keeps the backbone strong and it does not injure our muscles.




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