Famous battles in India


During the medieval period many important battles were fought in India. Some of them totally changed the course of Indian history. A few of them are under given.

1) First battle of Tarain: The first battle of Tarain was fought between Muhammad of Ghor and Prithviraj Chauhan of Delhi in 1191 A.D. in this war Muhammad was defeated, and his plan of Indian conquest was failed.

2) Second battle of Tarain: The second battle of Tarain was fought between Muhammad of Ghor and Prithviraj Chauhan of Delhi in 1192 A.D. in this battle Muhammad was victorious. With this victory he could establish Turkish Empire in India.

3) First battle of Panipat: The first battle of Panipat was fought in 1526 A.D. it was fought between Ibrahim Lodi of Delhi and Babur of Kabul. In this was Babur defeated Ibrahim Lodi and founded Mughal Empire in India.

4) Battle of Kanwa: The battle of Kanwa was fought in 1527 A.D. it was fought between Mughal emperor Babur and Rana Sangram Singh of Mewar. In this war Babur was the victor. This victory established the Mughal supremacy over the Rajputs.

5) Battle of Gogra: The battle of Gogra was fought in 1529 A.D. it was fought between Babur and Nasrat Shah of Bengal. It resulted in the elimination of Afghan threat to the Turkish power in India for the time being.

6) Battle of Chausa: The battle of Chausa was fought in 1539 A.D. between Mughal emperor Humayun and Sher Khan. In this battle Humayun was defeated. It facilitated Sher Khan to march on to Delhi at Agra.

7) Battle of Bilgram: The battle of Bilgram or Kanauj was fought between Humayun and Sher Khan. Sher Khan defeated Humayun in this battle in 1540 A.D. removed the Mughal Empire from India and established the Sur Empire in its place. Sher Khan adopted the title Sher Khan and occupied the Mughal throne.

8) Second battle of Panipat: The second battle of Panipat was fought in 1556 A.D. it was fought between empire Akbar and Hemu. In this war Akbar defeated Hemu and re-established the Mughal rule in India.

9) Battle of Haldighat: The battle of Haldighat took place in 1574 A.D. between Akbar and Rana Pratap Singh. The defeated of Rana in this war gave Supremacy over Rajasthan to Akbar.

10) Third battle of Panipat: The third battle of Panipat was fought between Ahamad Shah Abdali of Afghanistan and the Marathas in 1761 A.D. in this war the Marathas were routed. This war facilitated the rise of British power in India.



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