There are plenty of tips on how to light the entire house or any specific part of this, but we must remember that sometimes it is not necessary to illuminate an entire room as the focal points of light will help you establish this connection you want to enter your home and inhabitants.


There are 3 kinds of halos of light: fluorescence, with neon or LEDs (the latter with intelligence technological innovation). Just choose what kind of halo of light you want for your home.


Fluorescent light with a Halo: emit white light or incandescent, so it is very common use in the wall where the light bouncing in a clear tone. The image below will show a minimalist decor and good results with this type of halo.


To make a halo of light with this item requires a large space, the size of this, although we can find in the smaller market, but the bounce of light is not significant. In the next image will be a halo of light, used to give preponderance to the bar.


Halo of neon light: The power that gives a halo of light made with neon, is the ability to hide the neon in any space, in addition to numerous colors and convert the space to illuminate in a juvenile. Another advantage to this type of halo is that its cost is not very high.


Halo Light with Leds: Also called the lighting of the future smarter by its ability to change color, either in a synchronized or by any human action, that is why we speak of "technological intelligence". Currently there are companies that engage in this kind of dramatic lighting.


For the small size of LEDs and high-illuminators can be used anywhere in the house, however small it is. Unfortunately, such lighting is not widely used because of its high cost.

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