Advertisement plays an important role today in trade and commerce. Every manufacturer of a product wants to attract the attention of the customers in this way. But it is looked upon with some doubt and dubious concern.

Characteristics of modern age

Advertisements take the best media in broadcasting and television. It has a deep psychological effect on the mind of people. The unscrupulous businessmen try to catch their minds in some outstanding ways. Such a businessman often wants to show that his production is better than that of another. 

Effect of advertising today

We are already in twenty-first century. So the choice and culture of the modern people have already been changed. Thus advertising is no doubt affecting our modern life. To a great extent it affects the modern trends and fashions. As it makes our mind to buy a particular commodity it affects also our way of life. As a result some capitalist entrepreneurs can get maximum profit by launching a new product and the small scale industries a new product and the small scale industries become gradually defeated. The proprietors of the small scale industries cannot able to spend handsome amount in advertising their produced commodities. The advertisement has a good aspect also. It makes the customers aware of the various commodities which are being launched in the market. So they can make themselves conscious as to what production they should buy. But in most cases customers are cheated by the colouring of the advertisement of a bad commodity. 


Yet, we can never deny the facts that with the advance of technology, each and every commodity are being advertised with the tendency to popularize trade and commerce. Now we do not remain in the oblivion of darkness. We can know what commodities are available in market and what are really good to use. Thus it certainly affects people‚Äôs attitude and ultimately their manner of working. So ultimately it helps us to develop our life-style and standard of living.  

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