Do work hard continuously and wait for chance. Opportunity is very near. It will come defiantly in feature, there is no doubt. That is called luck. Luck changes man life.

Opportunity is another word for chance. Opportunity is like a diamond that is covered with dust. Some people see it and some do not.

Opportunity comes to everybody. But only some people take the opportunity and make use of it.

For example, all of you come to school. You have been given the opportunity to study. How many of you take this opportunity to study seriously? How many of you realize that this chance to study is like a precious gift? If you study hard, you gain a lot of knowledge. But if you don’t study hard, and waste your time, then it means that you have wasted your opportunity to study. You have not gained knowledge. Those students, who waste opportunity today, shall repent tomorrow.

Once lose this opportunity, it will never come back.

God is has given good qualities to everybody. Some of us can recognize these qualities. Some of us can see what abilities we have. We can see what we are good at. In order to make use of opportunities, you must understand this.

Sometimes you feel lazy you say, ``Today is not a good day. I will start studying from tomorrow. I will get early from tomorrow.’’

Have you felt like this sometimes?

But remember, if you do not sit down today, right now, you will certainly not do so tomorrow. If you do not get up early today, you will not get up early tomorrow either. You should not put p off all till tomorrow what you can do to day. You should remember that procrastination is the thief of time.

When you read about the lives of great people, you will find that all of them made use of their opportunities. Everybody gets opportunities. If you complain that you did not get the right chance, it only means that you shirk hard work. Pay attention to the teacher. This chance will not come again. Opportunities are like pearls scattered in the sand. You must take the trouble to search for them and pick them up; otherwise they will be lost for ever.

Use mind for developing. Try to do work hard. Source is there don’t miss opportunity.   




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