How do we get the goods and services that we need?

Earlier different people made different things and exchanged it for other things. For example, a farmer gave food grains to the carpenter in exchange for a wooden plough. Such trading is called barter, where one directly exchanges one thing for another. Today, we give money in exchange for what we need and want. The grown up members of our families work in offices, factories, hospitals, shop, etc., to earn money. The money is spent to buy goods and services that satisfy the needs and wants.

Web interdependence

Some our needs are met within the family. Each member o the family controls to help the other members in some way or the other. So all members of the family are important and we must learn to value their contributions.

Love and care, safety, friendship, help guidance, etc., are some o the needs which everybody want. Parents give love and care, safety, help and guidance to their children.

But there are many other things we need in life that we cannot make or create by ourselves or within the family.

As individuals, we depend on other people or agencies to give u what we need and want.

The people and work web

Think of the bread that you eat or breakfast or the uniform that wear to school everyday.

Now look a the people involved in bringing bread to your table- the farmer, the worker at the flour mill, the truck driver, the baker and the shopkeeper.

Thus all of us depend on many others for our daily needs and wants, forming web of interdependence.

People like tailors, shopkeepers, doctors, teachers, postmen, mechanics, etc., all from part of the community.


The word community comes from the Latin communis, meaning common.

Community is a group of people who live in a specific area, share some common needs and wants, and often have common culture and history.

Community services

a) What are the things that are important in community?

b) What kind of services do all of us in the community need and use in our daily lives?

People need police and fire protection, good roads and streets, community centers and many other services. We call them community needs.

We know that the common community needs are provided by the government and it uses the money that it collects from the people to provide goods and services.

How does it collect money?


The government collects money r fees in the form of taxes.

For example, every time you buy a good or services, you also pat tax apart from the cost of that good of services. That is sale tax.

Your parents also pay a portion of the money they earn their jobs or in their business to the government. This is called income tax.

It is our duty to make sure we pay the taxes in full and one time.

We must to respect and value other members of the community and cooperative with them. Our web of interdependence includes the family, the people in the neighborhood, the community and the government. When we live as neighbor and members of community, it is important to remember that we need the services of each other and the government to live a happy and healthy life.



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