Anime cartoons use to have interesting story line with great characters. And if you don’t know let me tell you there is big fan following for these kind of cartoons in all over the world. Such cartoons are not bound for age limit, I mean if you think that cartoons are only for kids than you are wrong, in fact for some anime action cartoon they suggest not to show to kids as they having lots of wild action scenes. As I mentioned above few of anime series have great story line with great characters so if someone is thinking about to start any of them I am sure they will be addicted for them in no time. And if you don’t find out some anime series to start with let me introduce few of best to you which you will surely enjoy. Here they are.

Naruto: Personally this is my favorite anime series. It contains all kind of dramas. It is having Action, Adventure, Love, Drama, Comedy, Super Natural power and much more. So if you are interested in such things then this is the best anime to start with. It is based on the ninja fighting story. As per story line it is having one main character whose name is Naruto. At his birth time his father stores the Nine Tailed Fox beast inside his body. This character starts growing with the dream of being great ninja and Hokage (Best ninja of village). But as he is having beast inside his body village people used to hate it. But still he never gives up and keeps growing with his own dream. Mean while he makes few good friends and story line goes on with different kind of adventure and action. 

Now this anime is running second part whose name is “Naruto Shippuuden”. In this you will see the same characters but with growth. Yes in this story Naruto is big kid with the same dream of becoming great ninja. So if you are interested in action drama then I am sure you will love it. You will get much more other things than action in this anime. 

Dragon Balls Z: This anime series is having pure action story with super natural power. Actually this series started with ‘Dragon Balls’ name. And ‘Dragon Balls Z’ is the second part of this series. In this anime Goku/Kakarot is the main character. As per story Goku is the person of another planet. He was send to earth to destroy the earth. But somehow it got injure to his head and he forgot his main goal. And instead of destroying the earth he started to save it from different enemies. All story when he was kid is covered up in the first part if this anime ‘Dragon Ball’. In second part ‘Dragon Balls Z’ he grew up as man. He is having family with one kid. Now the planet from where he actually belongs gets destroyed somehow. And few of people from that planet got saved. Now they came to know about Goku and come on Earth to bring Goku back with them. But he denies. Whole story goes ahead with this thing with different situation. The actually dragon balls are seven balls using all of them together person can ask any kind of wish. So in whole story enemies and Goku and his friends keep in search of this dragon balls for different purpose.

So if you are pure action lover then this anime is best. As per my personal opinion go for Dragon Balls Z the second part. It is great. Don’t worry about story line even you will start directly with second part you will get hold on story eventually.

Inazuma Eleven: This anime is based on the Sports. It is related to soccer and super natural power, so it is the best for the people who love the soccer and sports kind of story. This anime is also having two parts. The second part name is ‘Inazuma eleven go’. But let me tell you the second part is nowhere in compare of the first one. So go for the first one and if you feel like going for the second one then you can go. Endou Mamoru is the main character in this anime. He is kid who loves the soccer at extreme level. He joins the same school where his grand pa was the coach of that school’s soccer team. He has dream to be best Goal keeper as his grand pa was. Eventually he became the captain of his team and fight again different kind of teams. They started with school level then go for national level and in the end they go for international. With all those they having very decent and interesting story line. You will never feel bore that I can guarantee you. Second part is not at that level in compare of first one. In second part they are having whole new team of the same school with new main character and others. In this series Endou Mamoru the leading character of first series is grown and eventually become the coach of this new team. Here kid name with Tenma is the main character and eventually become captain of his team.

Well, even you don’t know much about soccer, I am sure this series can make you addict in no time. From first two episodes you will start liking it. 

One Piece: This anime is having story related to Pirates. This story line contains action and adventure. In this story Luffy is the main character. He is the young pirate who by mistakenly eat some weird fruit and gain the power of rubber body. I mean he can stretch his body and do few other things. He and his friends went for finding the unique treasure named ‘one piece’. They started their journey on ship and face different troublesome situations. This is having quite long story with so many episodes. Whole story line is very interesting. You will surely enjoy it. 

Pokemon: This anime is also interesting but totally based on imagined world. But let me tell you story line is very interesting and you going to love it. It has become very popular worldwide and it already got aired in most of the countries. As per story line it is world where people can catch different animals called Pokemon  (having different look than original animals) in one ball called poke ball. After catching they used them for different purpose. The people who keep those pokemon called pokemon trainer. These pokemon trainers compete against each other by fighting their pokemons with each others pokemon. They having whole competition league by this way. The one who wins the league called pokemon master. The main character of this anime is Ash. Ash is young boy who has dream to become pokemon master. His best pokemon and best friend is Pikachu (who having electric power). In the story Ash goes for journey with his pokemon with the dream of becoming pokemon master and strongest pokemon trainer. On his journey he fights different pokemon battle with different people. Storyline is quite interesting and additive. 

Honestly this kind of story can addict anyone. By this much information you will surely not able know about this anime properly. I would suggest that go for at least two or three episode of this anime and you will become addicted to this in no time. This series has become so popular that it is having so many parts. Not only parts it is also having many movies related to this cartoon. So you can imagine that on what level they are. Not only that you will also found different products with images of this cartoon in the market. So it is quite famous.

So this is it. I have listed all famous anime cartoons. Now you just need to decide from which on you have to start. Choose it as per your interest related. But let me tell you all of them are having very unique and different story lines. So you can go for all of them. Have fun.

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It would be appropriate to add Chhota Bheem , Doraemon and Mr. Bean to the list.

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