It’s the time of the year that is the most exciting and fun filled. With a string of bright festivals like Dusshera, Diwali and Christmas followed by the New Year this part of the year is most loved. While we are heavily engaged in the festive celebrations we forget to keep our control and get so indulged with friends and family celebrations that we have everything and anything that we have at our disposal during the festivities. The festive season is incomplete without the heavy high on calorie Indian sweets, the yummy samosas and many ghee dipped delicacies. The result may be at the end of the year you may find yourself out of the fit and perfectly toned body you have maintained throughout the year. So remember the following tips and stay fit amidst the enjoyments.

  • Have healthy sweets No Indian festival is complete without sweets and most of us love to have them. One cannot afford to avoid these sweet delicacies so it is smart to go for low sugar sweets that are available in the market. Sweets like sandesh which is steamed is a good option for those who don’t want to put extra festival fat on their bodies. It is best if you can prepare sweets at home with careful usage of ghee and sugar keeping in mind your fitness. In the sweets that require the use of oil try and use the low calorie substitutes wherever possible. Use of toned milk in the preparations of the sweet dishes like kheer and halwa can help you to have a control on the calorie intake.

  • Have plenty of water To fight your intense cravings for food and other yummy stuffs during the celebrations have a lot of water to fill up your stomach. You may not feel like having anything with the filled up stomach of yours. Thus you can be able to curb up your hunger to some extent by tricking your stomach.

  • Dance a lot! It is the festive season and what can be better than to enjoy it to the most by dancing. One of the best ways to stay fit is to put on your dance shoes and rock the dance floor. Dancing helps exercise almost all the muscles in your body and what adds to it is the fun you experience in the activity. So rock the party and dance like no one is watching to shed the extra kilos!

  • Have more fruits and green vegetables Fruits and green veggies help you fight calories by filling up your stomach and curbing the hunger pangs for a longer time. They give you valuable nutrients that are required for a fit and healthy body. Do have fruits whenever you feel hungry as they are low in calories and will fulfill your appetite so that you keep away from the heavy fried and high calorie festive food.

  • Say no to alcohol Festive season means a lot of partying and celebrations. Try avoiding alcohol as it can aid the increase in the pile of calories in
    your body. Take healthy drinks such as fruit juices or wines if you wish to. Avoid shakes though as it contains milk, if possible use skimmed or toned milk whenever possible. If possible try and go for simpler drinks like tea or coffee.

  • Do not lose control While it is almost impossible for you to avoid sweets so do not refrain yourself too much. You can have sweets but remember to have them in moderation. Take small bites and try indulging yourself in other activities like decorations and gatherings so that you do not end up over loading yourself. Focus on other activities so that you stay away from the irresistible sweets and heavy food. Talk to your friends and family and have a wonderful time. If you are out for a dinner have small servings of your choices from the menu. Take time to chew your food and take more of salads in your plate. If going out for dinners do not go empty stomach. Do have some food before leaving your house so that you do not overeat outside food that might be unhealthy.

  • Be smart in your picks Do not take anything and everything that is on the menu. Go for low calorie items on the menu. Avoid sweets made up of milk and chocolate. People often force you to eat during festival time learn to avoid these requests somehow politely. Take up a small piece if you do not want to break some one’s heart. Dry fruits are better than a piece of sweet. So be selective and do not have everything that is offered to you.

  • Exercise is a must We become so busy with the preparations during the festive season that we ignore our routine exercises. Do not forget to indulge in your fitness regime. Be it yoga, aerobics, gymnastics, pilates, running, swimming or dance take out time for it between your heavy schedules. With many friends, cousins and family around during the festive season you can also burn up those extra calories by indulging in some kind of outdoor sport activity. A game with your loved ones will help you to compensate the gain of calories in your body. And at the same time will give you the pleasure of spending time with the people who matter the most in your life. Do not break your fitness regime as it is the time your body is at the highest risk of gaining heavy calories. So you need to compensate the weight gain by sweating yourself. Take out at least thirty minutes from your 24 hour day just for yourself and your body leaving aside all the chores. And indulge in moving and stretching your muscles. If you cannot take out time ditch your car for a few days and go to the nearest grocery or to the market on foot. Walk whenever possible and avoid the use of lifts and escalators. If you have a bi-cycle take it out and use it instead of your four- wheeler to go to the nearby places.

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