Minerals are necessary for an individual to remain healthy and fit. They act as protection shield against various diseases and disorders. Body becomes unhealthy if vitamins and minerals are not supplied to it in required quantities. This sort of deficiency can be corrected on consumption of fruits, vegetables or vegetable juices, pulses, dry fruits etc.....


  • Minerals are essential for teeth, bones and nails. Minerals are the important constituents of them.
  • Minerals are essential to keep muscles and nerves flexible.
  • Minerals are very important elements as they enable nutrition to brain.
  • They help in the formation of digestive juices.
  • They help maintain the water balance in body and supply nutrition to various tissues.

It is seen that people die from hunger. People also die on consuming mineral deficient diet for a long period. Rate of people dying from mineral deficient diet is more when compared to people dying from hunger. Thus, diet rich in minerals is very essential for health.



People often suffer from weak bones. If calcium is supplied to body in adequate quantity then such kind of diseases do not occur. Pregnant and lactating mothers require more amount of calcium. It is also essential for heart, brain, bones and muscles. If it is consumed along with magnesium then it solves the problems of excitement and insomnia in patients. It can be obtained through curd, vegetables, pulses etc..... Alone calcium cannot prove to be effective as it does not gets digested properly. Many a times calcium instead of accumulating in body, starts accumulating in blood vessels and there by blocks them. It is very essential that magnesium has to be taken along with it.


Chromium helps maintain level of glucose in the blood and also regulates supply of fat in blood. It can be obtained from fruits, milk, whole cereals, black pepper, skin of potato etc..... Diabetic and epileptic patients have to consult doctor before intake of chromium.


Copper is a constituent of various enzymes. It is used to reduce the effect of venom and also used in the treatment of various spreadable diseases. Copper makes digestion of iron, vitamin C and zinc easy. Red blood cells cannot be formed in absence of copper. In its deficiency, person becomes anemic. Body can obtain copper from various medium like copper utensils, water pipes, medicines, food processing etc.....


Iron helps in the formation of blood. If an individual often feels tired then the probability is that he is suffering from iron deficiency. In case of iron deficiency, skin turns pale. Women suffer from long menstrual periods. Thus, an individual should eat iron rich diet. Iron can be obtained from spinach, green leafy vegetables, ground nut, walnut, almond, dry fruits etc..... Also, by consuming vitamin C rich diet, iron deficiency get cured to some extent. Many a times, anemia develops in case of deficiency of vitamin B, copper, folic acid and vitamin C. Thus, it is essential to consult a doctor. Iron deficiency can only be treated only if iron is taken regularly and not by it's intermediate intake.


Magnesium is essential for strong bones. It is necessary for an individual to remain healthy, to keep his tissues healthy, for healthy hormones and for good working of enzymes. Magnesium helps if an individual suffers from weak and stiff muscles. It also helps in case of excess sweat. Apart from this, it also helps in heart diseases, joint pains, diabetes and constipation. It is found in excess in banana, flour, almond and cashew nut and it is found in traces in fresh vegetables.


Zinc helps to get rid of various disorders of body. It yields protection from infection, wound healing in case of burnt wound, insulin formation etc..... Zinc deficiency is usually found in individuals suffering from oral ulcers, in case of ulcers formed in legs,in infertility or skin related disorders. Zinc is available in plenty in black lentils.


Phosphorus is essential for bones. In body, 75% of phosphorus is present in bones and teeth and 25% in various organs. It is essential for body growth. It enables digestion of carbohydrates and fat. Apart from strengthening of bones and teeth, it also increases working efficiency of brain and nerves. It is available in milk, dry fruits, soybean, carrot etc.....


Potassium is an essential ingredient present in tissues and muscles. It helps in keeping nerves flexible. It can be obtained through tomato, spinach, garlic, potato, radish, apple, milk etc.....


Sodium helps in the formation of hydrochloric acid in stomach. In the deficiency of sodium, stone formation may develop. It can be obtained from beet root, carrot etc.....


Iodine is a constituent of thyroid gland. It helps in treating indigestion. In its deficiency, kids suffer from myxedema. Women in its deficiency suffer from menstrual disorders. Thyroid gland should work efficiently for adequate secretion of thyroid. Iodine can also be obtained from vegetables including green leafy vegetables. Salt consumed should also be iodine rich. This will ensure adequate supply of iodine in body.


Manganese is essential for liver, pancreas and hair to remain healthy. It is also essential for strengthening defense system of body. It can be obtained from cauliflower, garlic, beet root etc.....


Chlorine is essential for adequate production of hydrochloric acid in body. It is essential for digestion. It helps in joint pains. It can be obtained from carrot, potato, spinach, cabbage, tomato, banana etc.....

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