In every woman birth, there is a second puberty. It’s the menopause. After that it’s her second phase of life journey. Normally menopause occurs in 47 or 48. It’s a monthly routine starting from her teens and after 30 or 35 years when it comes to an end, it brings many changes along with it – both physically and mentally. She may feel depressed a lot. Very often some physical problems may also be associated with it. Production of female hormones dips suddenly. Many ladies may lose self confidence in their body when this unavoidable event happens in her life – a feeling that ‘I am aged’ and very often it may lead to depression as well. Many ladies are among us who enjoy their life after menopause as if nothing has happened to their body or mind. We can learn a lot from such ladies. Through this article I am giving a brief description of common situations that can occur in a lady’s life after menopause.


No one understands me

Just before and after menopause female body undergoes many hormonal changes and it may reflect in her behaviour as well. Reason is the sudden dip of estrogen levels. She may change her mood at any time spontaneously. Anxiety, anger, sadness, depression, loss of interest in sex, sleeplessness etc are common symptoms. All these changes are not happening intentionally. Even she is not aware of such sudden drift of moods. If she is a working lady and has extra responsibilities, her mental pressure increases again. Same is the case if she has problems in her family life, diseases or over work. When she works restless she may have a feeling that neither her husband nor her children understand her.


Sex may or may not

After menopause she is not becoming old. She is just losing her ability to reproduce kids. Since estrogen levels are dipping suddenly some ladies may lose their sexual interest completely. Also, loss of beauty and attraction may pave way to loss of self confidence as well. Some ladies are anxious if their husbands would love and care them as before. Just see menopause as a positive phase of life when one is free of monthly periods and pregnancy for ever. Such positive thinking can bring a lot of positive changes to their sexual life.  

Be positive towards social life

It’s seen that ladies are most involved in social services when she reaches middle 40’s. Kids are grown up and so she gets some time and freedom to spend for other activities. It can bring only positive changes to a lady’s life and she develops a lot of self confidence while involving herself with many social activities. Two types of ladies are among us. Ladies who find interest in looking after their grand kids at home belongs to first group. Second group – who mingles with people of society and do social services as well. They attend functions, marriages etc keeping themselves involved always. Such ladies never feel bored of their life and they are really enjoying their second phase of life, a lot!

Mid ages is the second childhood

We can’t keep ourselves away from age. Today or tomorrow it reaches us. As age passes by, some persons become angry easily and raise their voice at every occasion. Do you know why an infant cries most without any reason? To get our attention! If we are involved in some personal conversation neglecting his presence, he may show it through crying or making voice as he can’t speak. Same is the case of old people also. As age attacks them, they have a feeling that now, no one will hear my words or no one will care me as before. Response to such feelings may be sudden burst out. It’s for getting some care from their dear ones. Diseases, tiredness, loneliness, fear, despair etc may also disturb them. So, it’s the duty of kids to understand their feelings and care them to get rid of their worries and loneliness.

Grand mother of an atomic family

secondhalf3Latest trend is atomic families where a family consists of parents and one or two kids. Sometimes grand parents are also present. Now most people are working outside their home towns and hence old parents are alone at their home looking after their household. They expect their kids’ arrival for a holiday or festival occasion. Since they are going through loneliness phase of their life depression can attack them quiet easily. It’s really hurting to stay away from kids at their old age. Such parents should adjust themselves to the present situation. They should understand their kids’ difficulties also.

Instead of waiting for their arrival, such old parents can visit their kids also and spend a lovely vacation with joy. Some old parents may leave their home town to live with their kids. It depends upon the character of individuals how to accept such situations. Think practical than emotional!

Departure of husband

It’s true, though every couple start their married life promising each other to stay together, they can’t keep this promise forever as death attacks anyone of them today or tomorrow. Living alone is really miserable for most old people. When children are grown they fly away towards their new responsibilities leaving behind their old parents. Such kids can’t be blamed because their work load and tensions are also significant.

Living as a widow is really miserable. But if they spend their time with children and grand children slowly they got adjusted with the new situation. But in some widows, it may reach depression as well. Yet, it’s seen that at such situations women show more mental strength and courage than men. That’s why it’s told physically men is strong and mentally, women! Yet it’s the responsibility of other members to give her more care and love when she meets with such a worst situation of life.

Find interest in doing home activities. It may help you to get out of the feeling of loneliness.

Am I a patient?

When one reaches old age, a fear may begin to grasp them – Am I a patient? Do I have any problems? It may be just a thought. But such worrying thoughts can invite a lot of diseases without any reason. Many ladies even consult doctors when fear of diseases attacks their mind. If you are full time worrying about a disease, how will you get peace? It’s true, as time passes by, our health deteriorates. But it doesn’t mean we are patients.

Prevention is better than cure. So, take precautions at early ages itself so that you can enjoy a healthy old age. Also, you should do periodic check ups and consult a doctor if necessary.

For you people to remember

  • Accept physical and mental changes of old age.
  • Keep a healthy relationship with family members and society. You can visit your relatives and also call them once in a while.
  • Never keep yourself isolated closing inside your home or room. Instead, enjoy a social life mingling with everyone free of every tension. Just think, now my kids have grown and I have no responsibilities.
  • Do regular exercises. A half hour walk daily is sufficient. Find some time for praying also, if you believe so.
  • Change your life style that fits your age most.
  • Try to adjust yourself instead of quarrelling with others.
  • Take care of your body. Avoid fractures. As you reach your old age, it’s difficult to replenish such fractures.   

Life after menopause is like a rebirth to woman. Many women see it as the end of life. Truth is that it gives you another reason to live free of all tension. So, live it fully leaving behind every tension and anxiety of life! Life is all about living each and every moment fully.

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