India is a religious country and each religion teaches the aspect of fasting on special occasions like festivals or on certain religiously important days. There is a scientific reason behind fasting. Main aim of fasting is to give rest to the digestive system. Our digestive system works continuously around the clock. We now a days have developed wrong eating habits and as per that we prefer to eat our dinners during late night hours and then immediately go to bed. We may rest during these hours but our digestive system do not get to rest. Even while we are sleeping, our digestive system is busy in breakdown of the food we ate. Digestion slows down in sleeping position and thus excess of pressure is exerted on our digestive system. Thus, it is often advised to finish our dinner at least 3-4 hours before our bed time. During fasting, nothing is consumed. In certain kinds of fasting fruits are allowed whereas in other kinds, milk is allowed. Pattern of fasting is been destroyed today. Along with milk and fruits, many other food stuffs are been consumed today. This cannot be called as fasting and this kind of fasting does not exert any positive effect on our body.

Juice fasting is an actual effective scientific method of fasting which is beneficial for both body and mind. In this type of fasting, only juices of fruits and vegetables can be used including green leafy vegetables. Many scientific researches has been done regarding this type of fasting and it has been proved that it is very beneficial for the whole body system.

Main aim of juice fasting is to give rest to the body particularly digestive system which in turn will facilitate good health. Our body is home to various microbes. All these microbes, toxins and other foreign bodies get washed away from body when we subject ourselves to juice fasting. Juices obtained from fruits and vegetables are easily digestible as they does not contain any pulp and skin or peel in it and thus digestive system does not have to work on its digestion. It gets easily digested and nutrients are thereby mixed in blood and gets circulated throughout the body system. Within half an hour duration the whole of the juice been consumed gets digested. Nutrients obtained from juices increase immunity of body and build up defense system. Most of the juices are alkaline in nature and thus this enable to decrease acidic content of blood. Thus, we need to use this juice fasting and get blessed with its maximum benefits. Juices replenish and provide all the essential nutrients essential to prevent diseases and that too without making any effort.

During juice fasting, toxins present in body starts burning up and this produces excess of heat in the body. Although body also has accumulated fat and carbohydrate stores but first it removes out harmful toxins from it. This is because although excess of vitamins, minerals and enzymes are present in juices, it contains only small amount of elements that provide energy to the body. During juice fasting, accumulated wastes when start burning up, body automatically gets sufficient heat and energy. Unwanted harmful toxins present in body are excreted through urine, skin pores and lungs. During initial days of juice fasting, patient may experience certain symptoms like darkening of urine, halitosis, excess of sweating etc..... Within few days, all these symptoms disappear and body gets purified completely. Halitosis disappears, color of urine returns back to be of normal color and sweating occurs normally.

Juice fasting is completely safe and should be practiced for health benefits. It is even recommended to do water fasting for 2-3 days before going on juice fasting. This will yield greater benefits. Patients thinking of observing juice fasting in order to cure their ailments should first take proper prescription from their physician. As per the disease they are suffering from, physician or dietitian will ask patients to pick those selected fruits and vegetables. Consumption of juices of those particular fruits and vegetables will help them to get rid of their disease at earliest. During initial days of juice fasting only small amount of juice has to be consumed. Its amount has to be increased gradually. During first day with a duration of three hours 250 ml of juice has to be consumed. This can be done 5 times in a day. Thus, first day a person will be consuming, 1250 ml of juice. On second day each time 300 ml juice has to be taken. Start day early with first portion of juice been taken at 7 a.m. Last portion should be taken by 7 p.m. Amount of juice has to be increased gradually. Thus, after 8 days a person with good digestion will be able to drink more than 600 ml of juice every single time and in total would be able to consume 4-5 liters in a day. If one experiences fullness in stomach after consumption of juice then it indicates amount of juice been consumed is more. Immediately in such conditions, amount of juice has to be decreased. A person whose digestive system is strong enough and can drink more and more amount of juice should increase the intake of juice from 5 times to 7 times and should thereby reduce the interval between two intakes.

Juice fasting can be continued till 1-2 months. During this period person may complain of halitosis, swelling of gums, stomach ache, headache, insomnia, body pain, fever etc.... These symptoms arise as a lots of harmful toxins and foreign bodies are been removed from the body. Thus, one need not get tensed regarding these symptoms. Some may experience weight loss, however this is very temporary. When one starts eating back the lost weight will be regained. Body stores lots of water. Excess consumption of salt in our diet helps to store the water in our body. Once we are on juice fasting, salt consumption is avoided. Thus, lots of water weight will be lost from the body and a person will feel lighter. However, this loss is only temporary. Thus, over weight individuals adopting juice therapy or juice fasting for weight loss should not do it as they will regain the whole weight once they return back to normal eating. Juice fasting is purely to improve health.

Rules To Be Followed During Juice Fasting:-

  • Complete rest is essential. A person should rest as much as possible. Early morning brisk walk for small duration is beneficial.
  • An evening walk of small duration and short distance can also be done.
  • No such physical activity should be carried out which exerts excessive pressure on body.
  • Work should be done calmly and with complete peace. Hassle should not be made. Stress and tension should be kept at bay and one should always remain happy.
  • Complete belief should be kept on juice fasting and one should not develop any sort of negative thoughts and feelings towards results or health benefits about to be derived from juice fasting.
  • Tea, coffee, smoking, alcohol, ice-cold water should be avoided.

The methods by which juice fasting has to be ended is also very important. Success or failure of juice fating totally depends on the kind of life style one adopts after completion of juice fasting. If fasting is not ended properly and at right time, then its aim and purpose does not get fulfilled. All the efforts one has been putting in goes in vain. On the day of which one has decided to end fasting, number of juice intake should be decreased. On that day juices has to be consumed only three times. One in the morning, next in the afternoon and third portion in the evening. In between intervals, one should consume fruits which are rich in fiber. On next day, consume fruits along with boiled vegetables which are free of spices and salt. On third day along with fruits and vegetables, one can consume dry fruits. On fourth day start eating sprouts and cereals. Thereby gradually quantity of food intake has to be increased and a person should start having healthy balanced nutritious diet. During and after juice fasting a person feels really healthy as all the toxins are excreted from his body. To maintain this health obtained from juice fasting, person should follow balanced diet and continue to drink juices on daily basis.

Following Rules Have To Be Followed While Ending Juice Fasting:-

  • One should be happy and peaceful as each and every thought exerts effect on our body.
  • Immediately after ending juice fasting, do not start eating lots of solid foods. Increase their quantity gradually by each day.
  • Maintain an interval of few days between ending of juice fasting and getting back to normal eating.
  • Amount of food consumed should be increased gradually. Do not start abrupt eating.
  • Anything consumed should be chewed properly.
  • Even after juice fasting is ended, continue consuming juices regularly.

In this way by complete dedication, by inculcating discipline and by following proper method of juice fasting, one can derive maximum health benefits from it. It is a technique which should be followed every now and then to maintain health, strengthen our immunity system and to get rid of illness and ailments.

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  1. anil

Nice written, fasting with lemon and honey is also good one.

  1. Reena    anil

Thank you. Lemon and honey fasting is a very good detox diet and is very popularly known since ancient years.

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