Suppose a patient comes and wants that her next cycle should be delayed, then when we can ask her to start taking what is prescribed and also what to give jeera or lime seeds?

During onset of menstruation, one should not do strenuous exercises, yoga, or much physical activity. Bathing and sex should be avoided. One should take light meal and eat in a earthen (mud) plate and wear light colored dress, avoid red clothing, sleep on mud floor, be calm. After the period, one should bath thoroughly and wear clean dresses and if married then first pray to her husband and if unmarried, then God and resume normal activities.

Can you explain why light clothing is needed? That would just make accidents more visible! Also is there some property of earthenware, which rubs off on food to give essential minerals needed during the period? I have heard of people eating dirt and I was wondering if this was related, same with sleeping on mud floor.

Ayurveda does explain certain regimen to be followed by woman in periods. Ayurveda considers that menstruation is just like the shading of petals from a plant flower. It considers it as a flower and when it not pollinated in the sense of conception, it shades off. Similarly woman body develops this and when no conception is there it, shades off. When it shades off definitely some body fluid along with blood will be lost and so there will be loss of certain energy and that is why there should not be strenuous work and activity, which again troubles the woman. As per the pain is related, it is like when some scratch is there or like scraping of the body part, so there will be pain and this type of pain makes woman much more strong to withstand with the pain she may face while delivery. There are a lot of things, which can be discussed under this topic.

Seven days of menstruation may be long but unless you develop certain things like it gives very foul smell, which is uncommon, and Ayurveda also explains when should you consider it as abnormal. A very nice test it has mentioned which explains if a cloth is there with menstrual flow on it and if it is washed with water and if it doesn’t give stain on it, then it is considered as the normal one and if it stains a cloth after washing, then definitely some thing is wrong with the menstrual blood.

Ayurveda has named abnormal menstrual blood as Arthava, i.e., impure blood. There are books which are 5000 years old describing about it. .This rich and knowledgeable source was of our Indian saints and their science.

The woman should also not do any physical effort, like gym, or carry heavy stuffs, that kind of things. In some places, a "contaminated" woman cannot do anything but lie down and wait for it to pass.

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