Did you ever wonder what causes depression and what should you do when you face conditions of stress and depression? Issues with relationships, finance, business, day-to-day activities, work pressure and many other are found to be the common reason for depression. Many people depend on drugs and other medication to fight depression. Some people also depend on medication and yoga to bring stability to their mind. While all these approaches might work effectively, it might be worth knowing that certain food help in combating depression to the maximum.

Depression is a state of mind that remains imbalanced for various social reasons. However, one cannot rule out the imminent scientific fact that depression is related to our body's internal metabolism and levels of enzymes and hormones. Clinical studies suggest that one feels depressed or stressed due to one or more reasons related to bodily imbalances that include the following:

  • Reduced levels of serotonin 
  • Reduced levels of folate
  • Imbalances in glucose levels
  • Increased levels of free radicals due to oxidation

There may be more such reasons to depression, but the above-mentioned ones have a direct impact on the functioning of our brains and therefore cause depression. Studies have suggest various diet patterns for maintaining normal functioning of our brain thereby ensuring human mood stays normal. Here are four common food types that can help you fight depression to a large extent.

Dark chocolates - One of the frequent reasons for depression is reduced levels of serotonin and dark chocolates are a perfect serotonin booster. Healthcare professionals suggest that dark chocolates are capable of enhancing the serotonin levels in the body and therefore can help in reducing depression substantially. However, it is recommended that dark chocolates must be consumed in average quantities to avoid increasing fatty calories in your body.

Beet - It has been observed that people who take drugs and higher antibiotics are prone to losing folate levels in their bloodstream. Reduce levels of folate are a direct reason for depression. Clinical studies have suggested that beet, especially raw beet, can balance folate levels in people body who have complains of depression due to regular intake of medication.

Brown rice - This is a low-gylcemic food that helps you to balance glucose levels in your bloodstream. Filled with folic acid and vitamins B1 and B3, brown rice is a good food for stabilizing the functioning of your brain.

Fruits - Fruits are known to be healthy for various familiar reasons. One of the most remarking advantage of fruits is that they help in killing the free radicals flowing in the bloodstream. Free radicals are caused due to oxidation reaction, which is also a cause of depression and mood swings. Oranges, apricots, and strawberries are  rich in Vitamin C that helps in reducing the levels of free radicals in the body.

There are many ways one can fight depression; however, having healthy foods that can support your bodily functions to fight depression are worth considering as they are equally helpful in fighting many other diseases. 

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