Whenever people find themselves sad and lonely their thoughts will be on things that would affect their life and make them miserable and then when the consequences are over they realise about what they have done to themselves,,,,,,,,eh?

Initially and foremost basically there are good drugs too or we may call it as "MEDICINEs" and then there are drugs that would really do some mental and physical damage to ourselves, such drugs may be termed as "STIMULATING" drugs. Finally the latter drugs are called sensual drugs.

What we are talking about here is Drug-Addicts who are totally o different kinds. Some just love to take opium in the shape of morphine or heroin to get sleep and relief from pain. While there are some who take amphetamine to get relief from mental depression. Marijuana or cocaine is the favourite drug of some smokers.

You know the bright evil consequences of drugs?? simply they are terrible. The addict loses money and then his whole wealth, obviously. He becomes lazy. He loses his health and strength. To get money to buy drugs he will really do anything any kind of bad manners will be adapted by him. When he is in stupor, he may commit crimes like murder or robbery....

And then there is smoking of tobacco and marijuana can cause lung diseases. Alcohol and other drinks damage livers. An overdose may cause death. Drugs damage brain-cells. The babies born to drug-addicts are never healthy. Most often they have some deformity.

The student who are main preys who fall into such traps and lose their lives its because of their ages as they do not know actually what to do when in a critical conditions.Such students gets drug addict can never thrive or prosper. They fall uponimmoral ways. Under the influence of drugs they commit sins and crimes.

To protect the public there is LAW.And such many laws are there to protect and prohibit drugs. Law alone cannot reform and save drug addicts. They must make their own efforts to get rid of their love for sensual drugs. The evils of drug taking are shown to them by the TV programmes, Internet, Films, Books and pictures of the diseased parts of the addict's body........Moreover the drug addicts have the shortest Life-Span than any other human..


Rajkumar(fight against drugs)

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