Amla, also called the Indian Gooseberry has the  one of richest concentration of Vitamin C. It is a powerful antioxidant agent which boosts immunity and restores the body vitality. Besides this, Amla helps in purifying the blood, tones up the digestive system and relieves any burning sensation in the eyes.     An interesting and healthy Amla recipe has been detailed below:   Amla Jam Ingredients Amla: 250 gms Sugar/Jaggery: 250 gms Water: 450 ml Pepper and cinnamon: a pinch Turmeric powder: a pinch   Method 1.  Take fresh amla (Indian goose berries), boil them until they become soft in consistency.  Remove the seeds, cut them into tiny pieces and keep them aside. 2.  Take sufficient quantity of water . Add sugar/ jaggery and the cut amla pieces. Boil until it forms a consistency of thick syrup. 3.  Add the powders of ground pepper and cinnamon. Continue stirring until the contents mix well. 4. Cool and transfer to a glass jar.   This healthy lip smacking dish can been eaten as a side dish with chapattis, bread, dosas etc or can be eaten as such. Hope it is enjoyable to all.

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