Chopped carrot – 3cups

Finely chopped carrot – 1/2cup

Kova – 100g

Sugar -2cups

Milk – 1cup

Ghee – 1/2cup

Finely dry chopped coconut – 1 cup

Caju – 10

Elachi Powder – 1/2spoon

Saffron – 1pinch


1. Take a bowl.

2. Add chopped carrot and milk then boil them.

3. Take another bowl

4. Add finely chopped carrot pieces and milk. Then boil them.

5. Now grind the boiled carrot pieces only so that it become in the paste form.

6. Take another bowl and place it on the stove, then heat ghee.

7. Now fry kaju in the ghee.

8. Now add finely chopped carrot and carrot paste which we prepared before.

9. Fry all these for some time.

10. After 10 minutes add sugar to it and stir it.

11. So that the sugars get melted complete but not stick to the bowl.

12. Now grind kova and finely chopped coconut.

13. Then add this mixture in the carrot mixture which we prepared.

14. Now finely mix the both mixtures.

15. Now add remaining milk in the mixture.

16. After the whole mixture gets boiled then off the flame and remove the bowl.

17. Now take a serving bowl and apply ghee inside it.

18. Now take this mixture in to this serving bowl.

19. Then sprinkle elachi powder on it and garnish it with caju and badam.

20. After it gets cooled then cut it into pieces.

21. Therefore carrot kova Barfi is ready.

The carrot kova barfi is a bit interesting sweet made of carrot. The process of preparing this dish is bit long. But very easy to prepare. While preparing this dish we should be care full while making carrot paste and while boiling carrot pieces in milk. We should see that carrot should absorb the milk.In this dish we are using carrot in 2 forms that is carrot paste and carrot pieces boiled in milk.So carrot is the main ingredient. This is a very high calorie sweet dish as it contains both milk and kova. But very tasty to eat. I hope you all try this and enjoy the taste. Thank you.



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