Chicken -1/4kg

Samya -1/2kg

Ginger Garlic paste – 1/4cup


Biryani leaves – some

Chili powder – 2 spoons

The mixture of chopped onion and coconut – 2spoons

Chopped coriander – 2spoons

Chopped pudina – 2spoons

Salt – according to the taste


1.Take a wide bowl

2. Add chicken in it.

3. Then add ginger garlic paste, garamasala, chili powder, onion coconut mixture, chopped coriander, chopped pudina and finally salt.

4. Mix them finely then close the bowl with lid.

5. After 1 hour open the lid and see.

6. We will notice that the ingredient masala mixed to chicken.

7. Now take a thick bowl.

8. Spread chicken in that bowl.

9. Then spread samya on the chicken in the bowl.

10. Let it be cooked on small flame for some time.

11. After 10minutes open the lid and mix it once then add half glass of water and close it with lid.

12. Then in few minutes the samya gets boiled .

13. Now take this minutes into serving bowl and garnish with the fried kaju.

14. There fore samya chicken dum biryani is ready.

The speciality of this samya cdum chicken biryani is cookd without using oil . the preparation is very less when compared to the prearation time for normal biryani.till now we know samya with vegetarian only.But here it is used in nonvegeterian also. This item will be liked by every one. I hope you all try it, impress your family members and enjoy the taste. thank you.



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