choclate halva


Milk – ½ liter

Coco powder – 3spoons

Sugar – 250g

Caju powder – 50g

Kismis – 10


Badam – 15g

Preparation time – 10

Cooking time 10 minutes

Process –

Place a bowl on the stove and boil milk in it.

Then add bread  pieces, coco powder, sugar and caju powder.

Mix them finely.

After the mixture becomes bit hard , then take the mixture in a dry plate.

Garnish the mixture with badam, kismis and chery. Then cut the mixture into pieces.

Therefore chocolate halva is ready.

About item:

Chocolate halva is completely different. All chocolate lovers will love to eat it. It is very simple to prepare. Especially kids like to have it. Some feel bored of eating chocolates this will be a different kind of chocolate dish. But this is very high calorie one as we used milk, coco powder, and remaining ingredients also very high calorie. So we eat such dish very rarely. We not make it and eat continuously or else there may have problems through fat. in this all ingredients are important. The mixture getting hard is the main thing in this dish. Everyone knows about chocolate but no one know that we can prepare dishes with chocolate also. I hope you try this and enjoy the taste. Thank you.


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