We are constantly bombarded with the idea that we must exercise more to enjoy a healthy life. There are a lot of product announcements "miracle" commanding naive people who think 5 minutes a day using a device out of a torture chamber will get a flat stomach (or worse, believe that reducing cream works).

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Reducing creams and miracle products advertised on telemarketing work, not as many assume to see advertising but if you read the accompanying instructions (usually with small letters) will learn that this wonderful team or the gel reducer take effect within a exercise program and proper nutrition.

The only way to be and stay fit and healthy is by exercising steadily.

This is a rather extreme and simplistic statement but has a good dose of truth, the exercise contributes greatly to good health but not the only element on which it depends.

The sedentary life to which we are accustomed is the cause of that big belly and is very common to blame the lack of time for not doing any sport. Well, only lazy people never have time and if you can not go to a training center, follow these tricks to fool your body into thinking you're going to the gym.

Very, very far.

Instinctively, we are always in the hunt for a place as close to our destination. If you park your car farther away from your work make a good morning exercise that power will charge you (of course this depends on the situation of each). Also every time do grocery shopping or attending a football match.

To ascend to heaven.

Try to use the stairs instead of the elevator, if there are many floors you have to go up or down, try to stop two-story or two stories before then. It's good exercise for your legs and your heart.

Walking and cycling.

Again this advice is not for everyone, in the unlikely case that you can go walking or bicycling to work, do it. Get some comfortable shoes and carry water for the journey.

This does not get out.

If to go somewhere you have to take the subway or city bus, you can download in the next or the previous stop (as the case of the elevator). You will know a little more than the neighborhood that you are going and if you take your camera will be even better.

Shopping and exercise.

When you go to the supermarket can walk through the store, you will have many distractions, air conditioning and the smell is better than the gym. If you suffer from compulsive shopping is better than not follow this advice.

Take a walk break time.

Obviously this also depends on where you operate, to lunch arm yourself with a granola bar and enough water to go near the place where you work.

With this suggestion I am not entirely agree, substitute for a simple lunch of granola bar or an energy bar is not appropriate and sufficient nutrients the body needs to function properly and if not then we have provided them metabolism becomes more slow and increases the accumulation of fat as energy reserve.

It would be more beneficial to eat a ration with balanced natural foods and then, if you have a few minutes, take a walk outside the workplace. Of course this depends on conditions of work of each.

Looking good, feel good.

Purchase dark glasses, good tennis shoes, a hat for sun and sporting a suit. The predispose them that you use and the way to show off the brands you see (ha!). It's about self-acceptance and image.

Play with children.

This activity is very beneficial to both (exercise and quality time), take your children or nephews to the park and to accompany a ball or a Frisbee disc, but you can go out, use the Wii at home.

Dance baby dance.

One of the most complete exercise is to dance, put your favorite music and moves that body. If you are single will be more fun.

TV and exercise.

Instead of sitting on the couch to change channels, get a folding laundry while watching your favorite program. You can also get a treadmill and if given the space available is not very great, get a simulator of stairs, they occupy the space of a suitcase and you can easily store under the bed when finished.

Walk with your phone.

If your work involves sitting down to answer the phone, stand up while talking and walking in circles. Believe it or not, at the end of the day you might have done more exercise than you would succeed in the gym.

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