Homoeopathic medicines with chief indications which may be helpful in warding off these sufferings and easing the process of deciduous dentition for the child are-

1.   Aconite- Marked restlessness. Child gnaws at its fingers, fists and cries most of the time. Much heat about the head with cold hand and feet.

2.   Chamomilla- Starting and jumping during sleep. Wants to be carried all the time.

3.   Cina- Marked peevishness does not know what it wants, averse being spoken to or touched, ameliorated by rocking.

4.   Kreosote- Child worries all night, must be patted and tossed all night.

5.   Phytolacca- Crying, moaning, restless and peevish, particularly at night.

6.   Podophyllum- Moaning and whining during sleep not crying out with a sharp, sudden noise but a sick cry, the child grates its teeth, the head is thrown back and rolled from side to side.

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