Our home is something which shows our status. Our home may be small but the way we manage it and decorate it makes a difference. We must know how to use the space we have at home and as per the space only we must keep the things in our house. We decorate our walls by colouring something unique and with the color which attracts others and makes us relaxed.  We hang show pieces on the walls but often we forget window treatment while decorating our home. Selection of type of curtains is one thing which may ruin or increase show of the room. Selecting the color of curtains is a complex thing and one should be careful while selecting it.

If you have to select the curtains for your home then there are few things which you should keep in your mind which would help you to select curtains easier:

Most of the people normally do the mistake they just select the curtains and put the same curtains in every room whether it looks good or not. We must understand that there is no hard and fast rule that we must have the same type or color of curtains in every room it depends on the colors the walls have. Like one can have some thing like child themed curtains in the room of kids. If your walls are of dark color then you may have a light matching color of curtains. But that's the fact one can have different type and color of curtains in all rooms as per the room.

One of the best window treatment is to use sheer drapes as these looks good but not every where it is possible to use as we cannot use it in bedrooms as these are transparent sort of curtains and one can see through them. So where one needs a privacy one cannot use such curtains.

When we select windows we should keep in mind about the sunlight as there are difference of construction there are types of windows too which don't let sunlight to pass through though other type of window may allow to pass light through it. Moreover the way and the type of curtains we use also affect light to come through the windows so we must be careful while selecting both of them. Sheer drapes are one such example which let light to pass through them but don't allow air to come through them. When we know good amount of light comes through window and we actually need it then we must use sheer drapes as they allow light to come.

What material is used in fabric is important. There are many different material and fabrics one can use in curtains but one should use fabric which does not get fade up and should last long. Though Silky curtains are also used and looks good but its better not use them as they may be expensive and may not be airy and fades up easily with time which look ugly after a period of time. Its better to use silk as pillow covers only.

Tying the curtains ia an art. Its is important to tie curtains with the theme of the room. One may not be able to match it perfectly not one should keep in mind that they may not deter with the decor of the home. Color of palette and the thickness also is one of the thing which contributes in the decoration of the home.

Also selection of curtains should also be done considering the furniture we have in our home, color on the walls,flooring. Purpose of the curtains should be very clear if we want light in the rooms then select curtains as per that. There are lots of varieties one can find in the market and can select curtains as per his/her requirement. Only look is only thing one should keep in mind also the purpose of curtains is what the main thing is one shall not ignore it. Also curtains can be changed as per the whether in summer seasons one can put light colored curtains as it reflect heat and in winter one can use dark colored and thick fabric curtains as it help to keep rooms warmer.

How long should the curtain be?

Curtain can be short or long. One can have longer curtains which touch floor and gives formal look while length can be short which gives some casual look. Curtains on window of kitchen looks good but one can ensure that they should not be too close to the stove.



What should be used to hang curtains?

There are various ways to hang curtains there are different varieties of rods available in the market which may be selected as per the choice and the budget.

There are other uses of curtains too besides hanging them on to the doors or windows like curtains divide your living space into separate sections and give some sort of privacy at home. In a apartment one can change the looks of walls by hanging several curtains in panels in a row so one can change the look of room without painting the walls but by just changing the curtains.

Therefore curtains can change the look of home as well give privacy to the different sections without curtains home does not look good even the wrong selection may ruin the beauty of the home so one must select them carefully and of course with in the budget as its of no use to select curtains but that does not suit your budget.

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