It has been a long time that I went to see any movie in a theatre. But here is an account of my last visit to a theatre where the movie was not that interesting, so I started making a mental note of people who visit a theatre and what personality traits they exhibit during the movie screening. At the face of it, everybody looks quite normal, but when the light is switched off, people show their true selves.

I have come up with a list of profiles which is as given below:

The Jabber:

There are these kinds of people or personality type who sit right behind your seat and decide to break the suspense of the movie by constantly jabbering and blabbering about ‘the what-next’ of the movie you are watching. Oblivious of the fact that there are those who are watching the movie for the first time, they keep giving ins and outs of the movie. They consider themselves attention-grabbing enough to garner the attention of people sitting near and around them ignoring the fact that the other audiences are least interested in their glib talk. These jabbers don’t stop even when you try to quieten them.

If you think you fall in the ‘jabber’ category, as a counteractive measure, please carry a tape to paste it across your mouth if you can’t control it otherwise. 

The Superman:

Here’s another profile where usually a male fits into this role. Such a person usually finds his way to multiplex or theatres only to ogle at the opposite sex. They only dress properly these days and gone are the days when you could make out such personalities by looking at their outfit. They visit the theatre only to distract others and pass lewd comments at the opposite sex, in unsuitable ways and at a wrong time.

I am sure you must have come across such a profile; I suggest them to join a grooming school and get a life.

The Confused Soul: 

Under this category mostly women are found watching the wrong movie which does not suit their taste. They invariably pick up the wrong kind of film and are clueless to the core. They would not understand why people are laughing at a certain scene or on a particular dialogue. These women would be looking at other people during the entire movie and ask for a description as to why things happened the way it happened in a particular scene. The basic essence of the movie scene is lost in translation. The person who is narrating the scene in turn loses track of the movie in this process of translation and narration and now both are clueless and confused. If you happen to accidentally get your seat right next to such a confused soul, am sure even you will lose the delight of watching a movie. I suggest to such confused souls to go watch the movie again to shed light on the missing part of the movie.

The Attention Seeker/ Disturbance Creator:

Consistently these kinds of people do not care about the mirth and joy of fellow movie watching people. They forget to put their cell phones on silent mode and do not mind taking calls in the middle of an important scene. These kinds of people will have the most irritating ring tone ever and that too at the top volume. Also, it never stops ringing and this ‘attention seeker’ doesn’t step out of the theatre to attend the call, instead talks blatantly and amidst this ruckus you miss an important dialogue. There you lose your 500 bucks because of this constant source of disturbance. If such people have such an important call to attend why don’t they just leave and happily talk at the top of their voice without disturbing others.

The Miss/Mr. Know it All:

These are the ones who would watch the movie on the very first day. Then these people would not mind watching the same movie for numerous times to the point that they know all the dialogues and scenes so well that it would appear as if they are the dialogue writers. These people would constantly go on repeating the dialogues before the actors even open their mouth and would spoil the joy of watching the movie. If you happen to sit right next to such people, please do try to trade your seat with someone else.

The Toe Stepper:

These people stamp your feet while coming in late for the show and don’t even bother to apologize. They gingerly walk off as if nothing happened. 

Well, am pretty sure, some of you must have observed such characters during your visit to any movie theatre. In your answer is no, then do watch out, am pretty sure you will find one who would fit any one of the above profiles.

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