True friendship is priceless. Real friends are like the priceless treasures. They are as good as a family. The way our family worries about us, loves us and rides along with us in the journey of life, our real friends do the same. They are no different than our family. Fake friendship may end within no time but real friendship will last for ages. Real friends will live by our side throughout our lives and die with us if the situation demands. We do not choose our family but we do choose our friends and real friends are no less than a loving and caring family. A bond binds two strangers together and this bond itself is friendship. Our friends are as good as pillars on our porch. It is always nice to know that someone is standing by us no matter what circumstances arrive in front of us. They will be with us during our highs and lows. They will sometime hold us and sometimes lean on us.


Real friends make the journey easy

Friends make the day when skies are gray. Family members stand by us and are always there to support us. Real friends do the same thing. They in no way can fall behind the family. They understand us, make us laugh when we are sad, lend us support when we are weak and make our journey of life easy and joyful. Journey definitely will seem easy because we know if we bump a road and face turbulence in the way, there will be someone beside us to hold us and support us. They always have our back even when nobody else does. They always have good things to say about us even behind our back. They are just not our acquaintances. We know that we can depend on them. We need not ask them for a favor because even before asking them for anything, they will fulfill our needs, especially in desperate times.


Friendship is a strong bond

Friendship takes birth when we see a like-minded person traveling beside us. Instead of being alone, we prefer the company. Real friends neither lead us nor remain behind us. They walk along. It is difficult to find a friend in the family, but friends in no time become our family. They know everything about us but still loves us and this unconditional love itself is a real friendship. What more can we expect from life, if we have found a friend who is real as a gem? This friend itself will make our life ideal. We will feel safe and comfortable in their company. We can make hundreds of friends every day and still not find that real friendship until and unless we meet that special one who within no time will bond with us in such a manner that we would never break the bond with him throughout our lives.


Friends heal us

We bond very deeply with our chosen friends because they share our pain. They heal our wounds and provide warmth to our heart. Their tenderness is real and not judgmental. They do not stand beside us just to give advice and provide a solution. A real friend is the only one who can tolerate our lack of knowledge and foolishness. They are okay with our not healing because this is what they do with their tender hands. They are always present with us whether we are confused or acting smart enough. We treasure each moment with them and cannot imagine our life in their absence. Friends make survival easy, rather they provide value to survival.


Real friends are as good as our family

Friends are like glue. They hold each other very nicely. Friendship is a powerful stuff. It connects two souls and their faith together. Only a true friend can protect us from our immortal enemies. Our real friends represent a family we have chosen for ourselves. We then start feeling that our family is complete. Before their arrival, it was incomplete. Their unison with us represents a new world is born. Real friends become incredibly close to us. They become much more than just our friends. They become our family. This is our second family and special mention here is that we have chosen this family for us, unlike the previous family where we had no power to choose. The family does not have to be blood. If we love people and feel safe when they embrace us then we know that they are our family. The family does not only refer to a social unit comprising of parents and children. It does not just include blood relatives. Real friends are our family because they do anything and everything for us. This new family can be chosen by us. We will get to choose those shoulders where we can shed a tear. We get to choose those people who will be there with us in both our good and bad times. We can talk to them anytime and they will listen to us every time. Our life is like a garden and friends are like flowers in it. Imagine a garden without flowers. How incomplete it may appear. We sow a seed of trust in the garden. Daily take care of it and nurture it. Finally, we get the flowers of love and loyalty.


Real friends are very important

Our real friends become an important part of our life, so important that we would find our life incomplete in their absence. Each moment we share with them is important, so important that even when they are at distance from us, we treasure them in our memories. We treasure them in tears, we treasure them in our joy. They are guides to our rickety boats. They are our life's sailors. Without them, we feel like we are going to get down in waters. We unfold ourselves in front of our family because they listen to us. In the same manner, a real friend too will listen to us. This is the reason that we feel like sharing our emotions in front of them. Since they listen to us, we move towards them.


Real friends are difficult to find

It is just good luck if we find good friends in life but if we find even a single real friend then we are more than lucky. Friends are easy to find but that friend who seems like a family to us, who seems like the whole world to us is rather difficult to find. We never try to change our real friends. We accept them the way they are and we bond with them. Same goes for them. They take us just for who we are. We do not try to mold them in any way so that they can fit our image. This kind of act is not the basis of true friendship. If we do not accept them for who they are and are only attracted to them because they potentially like us then it is not a friendship. We are just watching a reflection of our own image in them. Our sense makes sense to the world but a real friend is one to whom even our nonsense makes too much sense. Even our nonsense will seem to be adorable to our friends and will be respected.



Finding a real friend who very soon will be as good as our family is the spiritual experience. We meet someone, bond with them and believe in them. Soon, the bond of trust and loyalty increases day by day. It is we who chose them. It is not just an outstretched hand which we seek for the joy of companionship. It is the hand which we hold for a lifetime. It is all about a discovery and this discovery will be of a lifetime. When life brings joy, we share with them and it doubles. When life sucks, they suck out the pain from our lives, providing us relief. We share and feel happy and the feeling is mutual. There will be respect and trust for each other and these itself form a strong basis for lifelong friendship. We are ready to live for them and die for them and they too feel the same. We may not start our journey but definitely, end it with our new found family because they will be there even at the end. Holding their hands is like holding something which completes us and makes us alive.

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