Everyone is aware of the importance of colours in the field of arts as well as science. Colours form an imprtant component of human life right from minor daily actvities to the warfronts. Traffic lights on higway, rainbow on the sky as well as camouflage on the warfield, all are the game of colours, none can deny that. In laboratories, operation theatres, space missions, everywhere in countless processes  colours play a major role. 

          But here I would like to share the utilization of colours in life by two little insects. I just couldn't resist myself from sharing the wonderful experience of my journey into the leaves and bushes with these two tiny insects, hope you will enjoy it too.

          While I was on my evening walk, I just happened to notice the movement in a leaf but couldn't make out clearly what it was? Upon very gentle and careful stare I could know that it was a small insect that was hiding inside the green leaves and was very successful in cheating the predator eyes.


Notice the small yellow coloured thing penetrating in between the leaves. It is the hind part of the body of an insect. Now move on with me to the next part of my visual journey. Have a look at the image posted below.....


   This is an insect with transparent wings that is moving on the green coloured leaf. Its body colour is nearly matching to the colour of leaves and notice the light coloured spots on the leaf, the colour of these spots exactly matches the colour of this insect. It was not possible to observe the tiny insect without keen observation. Now have a look on a more closer view.......


           Now the transparent winged insect can be clearly visualised in the above picture  due to the efficiency of camera click, otherwise it was not so convenient to thoroughly observe it. This whole episode made me curious to further explore the world of insects.

                Another tiny creature caught my eye in the fields. It was a small, beautiful and colourful beetle in the leaves with almost simillar story. It also knew how to use the science of colours in making habitat, procuring food and defend itself from predators. A look at the picture below nowhere can show where my second friend is who makes use of colours.


But now have a look on another picture posted below that has been clicked very closely on one out of these lovely leaves. Here a tiny beetle can be seen very clearly.


Now have a look at the movement of beetle from the centre spot and notice the colour of spot where it was sitting quitely


The centre spot shows the ramification lines in centre to be exactly matching the colour of this beetle. Have a more closer and clearer view of this spot in below posted picture.....


and then I noticed another beetle moving onto the same spot, same colour, same kind....


And with this click I came back thinking....although there is big difference in size of brains of these tiny creatures and those of human beings but these are perhaps more intelligent in making use of the science of colours.    


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