There lived a poor person in a village. His name was Kumar. He was very straight forward. He did not have a well near his  home. He Had to go long distances for water. In the morning he got up and fetched water for  home needs. He had  two pots. The pot hung at either end of a long pole, carried on the shoulder. There was a small hole in one of the two pots. Every day when he came home, lthere was less than half the water in the pot. We can call the pot with hole as pot B. Pot A had no hole. 

Pot A was proud. Pot A always teasing pot B for the defect. Two years passed. Unable to bear its defect, pot B was ashamed.  It asked to boss, please fix the leak. I feel so bad, pot B said. 

The boss replied to pot B. " I already knew that you have a hole and water leaks from it. I sowed the seeds of a flower in the way. Flowering plants are way up. Beautiful flowers bloom. Various kinds of flowers bloom. There are wonderful to see. Did you notice the road which we used to come in? The pot B replied 'No I did not see'. I always think about my hole. I can not think of anything else. The way we have beautiful flowers. The water coming from you is the supplement for them. I have the flowers decorating the house. It's more than I earn my living by selling flowers. In the two years that I've earned all the money owing to you. The money was used for building a house last year. Hearing this pot  stopped feeling ashamed.  

Took the decision not to hear the words of others. Pot A decided not to tease others. The two pots are becoming friends. We should not evaluate others very less. They may have many talents. This is the moral of the story. 

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