Long time back, in a far away land there lived a wizard named MandravaanMandravaan could attract all the creatures in the universe with  his wizardry. He could attract even the most ill tempered goblins, witches. The wizard changed lives of many people. A lot of people used to see him every day. If their wishes were fulfilled, they gave lot of money. 

The queen of the land had a lovely, but proud daughter. He got attracted to her. He waited for a chance to meet her. One day a warthog appeared on her face. She had to go to the party that night. How could she go to the party with a warthog on her face? She wanted to cure the warthog. She asked everyone about it. All said that wizard Mandravaan could cure it. 

She decided to call him. Mandravaan had a great chance to meet her. He set out to try his luck. It was immediately accepted. He prepared the medicine. He carried the medicine to the princess. While carrying the medicine, he was  trapped in a dangerous way. 

He was trapped by one dangerous goblin. The wizard got frightened by the look of goblin. Wizard uttered the Mantra for calming the goblin. But the devil was not intact. Goblin wanted to eat him up. Wizard was frightened. However he gathered all his courage and requested the goblin to spare life. 

The devil spared  him mercifully. He met the princess and gave her the ointment. The warthog disappeared from her face. She felt very pleased  to regain her beauty. She went to the party with full enjoyment. When wizard proposed to princess, she readily accepted the proposal. She told wisard that she had always loved and admired him. Wizard married the princess and became the king of the land. They l lived happily in the land.

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