To forgive means to stop being angry with others.

No one id free from mistakes. All of us will make mistakes. Yet we go on blaming others and punishing them for their mistakes or wrong actions.

 It is natural for to get angry or abuse others when they go wrong. But we shall not forget beauty and greatness of forgiveness.

Forgiveness has a healing touch. Forgiveness heals the wounds of the heart. It is a powerful medicine to unite or re-join the separated hearts. Forgiveness turns the enemies into friends. Forgiveness always keeps our mind fresh and beautiful.

 Alexander Pope, a great English poet said, `to err is human but to give is divine.’

 This sentence means that all will make mistakes but if we forgive the wrong doer, it will be a godly action. Remember that no one is perfect in this world. You are not perfect; you do wrong. Others are also not perfect; they also do wrong. Then why do not we forgive each other?

 Jesus, with agony and pain from the cross said, `Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.’

 Pope John Paul II forgives Mehmet Ali Agca who tried to kill him by shooting at him on May 13, 1981, in St. Peter’s Square, Vatican.

 Mahatma Gandhi advised every one to forgive others instead of punishing others when they do wrong. He said, `The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness comes from a strong hear.’ Forgiveness has the greatest power to change the wicked in to a mild and noble person.

 Forgiveness is a great and noble virtue. A forgiving heart is really a great heart.

 A forgiveness person enjoys peace of mind, happiness

An unforgiving person will be unhappy always.

God bless every one who forgives others.

 Dear Lord God:-

  • Give me a forgiving heart.
  • Teach me to forgive others.
  • Make me a broad-minded child to accept that I too make mistake.




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