Kabir is a great saint. He said Somaney good messages. All like his morals. He was a great devotee. He went into the public to say about powerful God, great god.

Moon in the sky and Sunlight and all these are run by god. Earth is a gift. It was given by God. God gives births. So you are living in the happy. Birth and death is common to man. When we see a new birth in our family we feel happy. When we see a dead man we feel sorrow. That means life is between joys to sad. In the first is happy and in the end unhappy.

Kabir was a hand loom weaver by profession. He was very poor. By dint of his Goodness, he became a great saint. His sung all over the country ever since they were written.

His famous `` God is one’’ whether we worship him as`` Allah or Ram’’ is as fresh today as it was when Kabir wrote it. Kabir said that god was not confined in a stone image or holy book. He lived a human heart which was full of goodness and devotion. Kabir became the teacher of both Hindus and Muslims. When he died, Hindus and Muslims quarreled over possessing his ashes. The Hindus wanted to burn his body and the Muslims wanted to burry it. There is legend that when the sheet over hid dead body was lifted, his followers found a heap of rose petals instead of the body. These petals the Hindus and the Muslims divided between themselves. The gospel of Kabir is as true today as it was when he lived. The different communities of India remained united under the inspiration of Kabir’s teachings. Mahatma Gandhi was fond of drawing upon Kabir’s verses in his speeches and writings.



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