As a youth we all have responsibilities to take up and being a youth of a vast and a developing country like India responsibilities become our shadows. We can never get away from it. Nowadays, we are all seeing the corruption and the immorality of this developing country. Developing doesn't mean the flow of money into the pockets of all. It’s not the matter of money alone.

The greed for money among the people has seemingly increased to a very astonishing rate from top class officials to the common man. But the situation of the People below the poverty line (BPL) has become miserable. Their situations are like those of an outcaste. If things have to be done money should be showered. No fixed rates of course.

Lot many incidents have now outbursted with the help of the media. Simple ones going on around us are troubling of course. For example, the ration shops that sell rice, sugar, pulses etc. to the BPL people have become so corrupt and greedy for money. The owners of these shops may be above the poverty line. But when the government provides food for these poor people at a lower rate, the owners tell the customers that the stock is over even though they have loads of them stored in their backyards. Any idea why do they do so? This is undoubtedly the crookedness of these shop owners. They sell these commodities to the other shops at the maximum retail prices. The result of all these is that the poor ones will have no food to eat or they have to buy the costly commodities for their survival.

There are so many immoral incidents and scandals coming up of the rich and the top class citizens of India. It is the highly educated ones who behave like greedy animals and thirsty vampires who are so used to oozing out the blood of their fellowmen just to make their pleasure and lavish living.

This is undoubtedly the most miserable situation of this well resourced country. If this is how Indians continue to live then I will have to depressingly say that India will never come forward. India is known for its culture, hospitality, history, morals and many more. We as the youth of India should stay united and preserve this Beautiful country in all means so that our future generation will also be lucky enough to live here and can proudly say that "I am an Indian".

India is looking forward to us, the youth to secure its beauty. The rate of educated people in India is increasing day by day. Let’s use this knowledge for the betterment and upliftment of our country. My sincere request to the youth of India is to contribute your bits and we can see how these bits and pieces will make India "The Superpower" in all the field and in all the means that mankind has ever witnessed.

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