But why I am so sarcastic then?

I fail to understand that why people just don’t understand this whole generation affair when they decide to classify it in different categories. According to them children these days belong to different categories starting from ‘A’ and ending at ‘Z’.

I am myself a member of this generation and wouldn't like to be identified as one who belongs to any such categories. Being a little naughty doesn't qualify ‘Z’ or me for category ‘Y’ I am literate (As much I know) Male - little too aged, (That is not my fault) I work full time (Lucky me).

By the way, I have played outside as a child and have well-staked values that I intend to teach my children and grand children. I will see that next generation is raised so no one brands them in category ‘loners’. Maybe we should stop trying to blame generations, when it’s just few people who annoy you.

Sometimes I feel like I am living in the past maybe 30 to 40 years before I was born. No, it is not like I am living ‘80s or even in ‘70s but in World War-2 era. Check the facts if you don’t believe me.

We are the same country that hasn't changed its ways of how it utilize its deposits of coal and other minerals perhaps largest in the world and yet won’t move away from use of fossil fuels. We are still the same country that hasn't changed or upgraded its rail signaling system since these were installed during the rule of British 70 to 100 years before.

I am worried about my internet which is so slow some times, using the same cables when even the poor countries have switched to fiber optic internet for long time now. I hope we would soon wake up in 2015 one fine morning.

Or why I am being so critical?

I think love and hate are directly related to each other and some may even say that you can love someone whom you hate at the same time.

Is that really true or possible? Let me explain if you’re unable to understand this logic! Yes, you are right when you say - Just how can I love someone whom I hate deep down in my heart?

 Sometimes I want to go mad at someone whom I truly love but he criticizes me openly and that too in front of others. Funny, isn’t it? But should we call it hate? Let’s look at this with a different angle I guess.

I don’t think I would never begin loving someone all of a sudden whom I really hate unless of course I am pretending. Or making things look so or maybe I’m in the process of trying to trick him.

Now, I am confused, or I think I don’t know much about it so quit thinking about it at this point. This is not worth discussing here.

There is nothing I can do with my online friends though because I can’t look in their eyes. If they make me angry I have to face them the way they are. However if this happens when I am offline, I leave things to your imagination.

I certainly do not want any one in my list of friends who pretends to be one of my well-wishers but in fact they are not. I would not mind someone on my list of friends who is my critic though. Okay I am looking forward for your opinion in this matter.

Is it my frustration?

I heard one of my friends renting about his frustration early in the morning when we met in the walking area of the park. He is not a whining type guy but he was really so upset today that I could not overlook him but decided to hear the reason of his disappointment. We sat in the remote corner of the park where no visitors generally go so early in the morning. He told me in detail about his stories which were related to his property and behavior of his son which was nothing new in our society but if we talk in individual terms, it’s a great problem for the ones who face them.

Frustration is a common problem and most of us suffer from it and the people with utmost positive mindset are no exceptions. Frustration is natural and common and you cannot avoid it but what you can certainly avoid is that you should not allow frustration to make you a permanent victim. People suffering from depression display patterns of abnormal behavior and that singles out them from normal people. The truth is if you let the frustration take over you the stage comes where there is no way out.

People that suffer from frustration or feel they are victim of personal disorder suffer from negative thoughts and sit idle doing nothing but I would like to mention Tallis Gomes at this point. Tallis is a Brazilian youngster who developed a Taxi finder App when he could not manage to find a taxi even after waiting for hours. In fact he found a way to fight with his frustration and did something creative.

All the people those go through such situations and come out of their desperation state will tell you that during the period when you’re stuck in such a position let the situation take its course. Your life will be back to normal within sometime because your wisdom and mind help take care of your physical or mental problems and succeed in the end.  

Conclusion- Ability to adjust with everyone with no questions asked

I am not ashamed to accept that I feel envious to the people who are popular among their friends, relatives and people in their social circle. No one says no for an answer if they ask to do anything for them but feel obliged rather. I often look at myself and wish I knew what would be the basic qualities that I should add to my own qualification to match with their skills.

I think all such persons have one basic quality that stands them apart from rest of us is there quality to adjust each and everyone even if they have very few things in common. They never ask any question neither they refuse anyone when it comes to helping others and that’s what they get in return as well. It’s probably their ability to adjust with everyone without any questions asked.

“The fact that your most happy moments are the ones that you share with others and your most painful moments are the ones that you faced being alone”, no one but I said this. (I hope it will be quoted when I will be no more in this world).

“The quality of ability to adjust with everyone with no questions asked”. There is no doubt about the fact that almost all the problems could be solved with our social activities. If a person knows how to be friendly with good social relation there is nothing that will stop him reaching to the top of his career. On the contrary people with strained relations, not willing to mix up and behaving too proudly face failure, depression and discomfort in most case.

I am a corporate worker with background in human resources to some level and know the fact that a large number of employees that lost their jobs in the industry for this particular reason, they were unable to cope with the social environment of the industry and not because they did not know their job or had no proper qualification.  

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