The topic for the final paper in Roman Catholicism was to write on anything in Catholicism that you found to be interesting. That was a very broad topic to choose from so I was having a bit of trouble trying to choose a topic that I thought was most interesting to me, given that we have learned so many interesting facts in class. Last week while I was at work I was walking up the stairs to get to the copy room. On the walls going up the stairs of my job we have what is called “The Wall of Heroes”. One of the “heroes” on the wall is Mother Teresa. Being that I work for an organization that is a charity I thought it would befitting to write about a woman who not only devoted her life to charity but is widely respected and praised for touching the lives of so many.

Mother Teresa was born Agnes Bojaxhiu on August 26, 1910 in Uskub, in the Kosovo Providence of the Ottoman Empire, which is now known as the city of Skopje in the Republic of Macedonia. Her parents were originally from Albania and were Roman Catholic. Her father was a shop owner and they lived in a large house with a large garden. Mother Teresa was the youngest of three children having an older brother and an older sister. It was very known that Mother Teresa’s family was a happy home, were very caring people and never turned away anyone in need for help. Her family members called her “Gonxha” which means flower bud because she was always plump, pink, and cheerful. Mother Teresa said herself one day that “we were a united and very happy family”. Her father died when she was only eight years old and her mother did a good job of keeping the family together and as happy as possible during such a difficult time.
It is said that during her early years, Agnes was fascinated by stories of missionaries and what they did for the community. By the age of 12 years of age she was completely convinced that she was called to commit herself to the Catholic Church and to live...

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