The world is heading towards the greatest crisis since monkey became man ten thousand years ago.

 It is the financial crisis. Currency of the world has failed as a fair means of exchange. It robs the fair worker. It has become an easy tool in the hands of the unfair people, ministers and millionaires, who rob the honest people of their toil, sweat, blood and tears, with bits of printed paper.

 The promissory notes no longer promise bread, clothes and houses. Promissory notes only promise more toil, blood, sweat and tears to the honest worker. To the dishonest moneymaker, promissory notes only promise more promissory notes!

 Little wonder, price of gold is rising. Rich people have lost faith in paper money and are converting their bagfuls of currency notes into gold at any price. What can the poor honest folk do? They do not have money even to buy their daily need.

 The poor teeming millions are in majority and them truly from the democracy in India and elsewhere in the world. In the coming elections we need only one-point manifesto; `convert all currency into pass books’.

 The government should stop printing all currency and instead issue pass book to everybody on which his income and expanses should be given. Whatever you earn should be given in your pass book. Whatever you spend should also be written in your pass book.

 Whenever you buy something from anybody, he enters the amount in your pass book as `withdrawal,’ and you enter the same amount in his pass book as `receipt’. All pass books are periodically returned to the state banks for checking and auditing. As soon as you deliver the old pass book, a new pass book is issued to you so that there is no interruption in your business transaction.

 Nobody can steal your pass book, which should be like passport with your photo, signature, and details. In fact, a pass book should serve as a passport also, and it should be sufficient for casting your vote in election. The elaborate system of ballot papers and electoral rolls can be completely done away with.cash_and_pass_book






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