For some time Rahul Gandhi has been going hammer and tongs at Narendra Modi. In UP on the election trail he blamed Modi for robbing the poor. He also accused the PM of joining the one percent of rich to rob the nation and as an example gave the case of Vijay Mallya. Earlier after the surgical strike by the Indian army he accused Modi of playing with the blood of the soldiers.. in fact his exact words were ' khoon ki dalali'. This is a bit difficult to translate.

What RG has been stating looks like empty rhetoric. The one percent he talks off is not something recent. It has been there ever since the Nehru Gandhi family ascended the throne of power. In fact the roots of this one percent can directly be traced to this dynasty. Certainly it was not Modi who erected it. Modi belongs to one of the bottom victims of the oppressed. He came out of it with great and tireless effort. In truth  the Nehru Gandhi Clan is the one that belongs to this one percent class. Look at this: Forbes lists his mother Sonia as one of the richest women in the world. Did she bring her wealth from Italy? Did she inherit anything from there? What did she come to India with? Fact is back home her parents were not affluent at all and she came to India with nothing it is obvious the Gandhi Clan made money and they had no business as well. They made the money on the back of the poor, the laborers, the fishermen and it is sad RG sheds tears for them Crocodile tears? So who is the person doing ' khoon ki dalali'?

Modi it must be understood has no magic wand to wipe away the ills of 7 decades of elitist rule. He has however started in the right direction. One such action is demonetization. So when PC asks whether all the black money has been unearthed, he himself knows this is not possible. The question is what did he do for 60 years? But the right direction is taken by Modi and this has given jitters to the men who has stacked crores of unaccounted money in their houses or safe havens. What Manmohan states can be dismissed out of hand as he was a stooge of the Nehru family. He himself presided over the most corrupt government in Indian history. It's unworthy of him to talk this arrant nonsnse. A man allowing corruption to take place is an accessory and the IPC says it. So Manmohan better beware and not dance too much to the pipe music and drums  of the Nehru Gandhi family.

RG has a lot to answer. He not only must justfy how he came into the one percent category but how his family allowed the nation to degenerate. A nation which was developed became a laggard below China. He must answer how Mallya got his loans. He has to answer to history and also the entire Nehru Gandhi dynasty led by Jawahalal himself. Modi is like a breath of fresh air in a moribund society, so let's give him his due. Robert Frost wrote" I have miles to go before I sleep" and so has India under Modi.

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