As now days we can see that lots of MNC's company entering India.Indian Government should this urgently.Because this companies are doing lots of fake advertisements about diseases like HIV/AIDS. This is diseases is not much danger but to sell the medicines some Government companies advertise this MNC's product and because of this people fear about the disease and buy the medicine to stay away from the disease.Directly the MNC company earns a millions of profit and a share from them goes to Government and many small organisations just to advertise about the disease and to make people fear.So if India want to achieve Millennium Development Goal than India should stop this corruption of making people fear by giving fake and false advertisements of the disease.The latest example of this is the disease SWINE FLU. Multinational Companies with the help of Government and small organisations done the publicity of SWINE FLU so much that people are fearing now with SWINE FLU. If some person is suffering from normal Flu also than he will think he has SWINE FLU and will go for the check up of SWINE FLU and will take the medicine of SWINE FLU. In this who got profit?The Multinational Company making the medicine,Government because Government gave the licence to that company and the organisation who advertised their product and the disease.There are many other disease like TB, Cancer etc and more people dies by suffering from this disease than in comparision with SWINE FLU. Than why so much publicity is made about Swine Flu?Its all about Corruption in Government Departments.If this will stop than India will achieve Good Future for sure.

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