When unusually large amount of surface water with the advent of sudden burst of rain comes flooding with force to land area is called as storm water. Storm water runoff from roads and cultivated lands flows through different terrains and pollutes different toxic materials to reach to watercourse of rivers. It is a high cost to health of citizens, who have been extremely dependent upon nearby rivers for day-to-day sanitation activities. Most of the village people are used to go for their day to day activities in the nearby river and fall prey to pollute waters mixed from storm water runoffs from roads and highways through erosion of toxic material mixed with river waters. All these put humongous cost to life of ordinary citizens. There should have been stronger mechanisms to regulate runoff to storm water through proper waste water management systems.

A strong waste water management policy gives way to a proper settlement of economic as well as social benefits to society. To ensure these benefits to reach different communities far and wide of the nation a proper incentive program for benefits of citizens who are creating convenience to nature through their own capacity. Surface roads do not admit the passage of water into earth crust. Rain waters gather pollutants, mass particles and other toxic materials and harmful pollutants. Rain that falls on roadways unable to reach into the ground as concrete roads stops water from entering into soils. This pollutes water more than what we imagine and ultimately. These waters through these runoffs fall into rivers, lakes and seas. 

Critical unstable environment for marine bodies: 

Many of toxic materials and pollutants such as pathogens, oil, grease, road salts, mass particles, nitrogen, and phosphorus are deposited alongside river as a consequence of leakage of petrol tanks, wear and tear of vehicles, copper and zinc coming out from broken brake pad constituting mostly hazardous chemical compounds. Many small markets are there nearby roadside, which are a major source of pollutants due to larger use of polythene and creating unwanted roadside dumping ground. When storm water goes through these roadside garbage dumps toxics are disposed of to storm water.

There are considerable stretches of dry lands which are barren and devoid of any rain. Mass scale sludge of water wastes from storm water deposited at a place near arid lands and due to less rainfall in this region transportation of such sludge is not possible. This creates massive accumulation of sludge which ultimately, makes huge pollution in existing river waters. Waters becomes highly toxic filled with deadly chemicals that can reap havoc dangerous disease all across the human population. These polluted effects a negative impact on water courses which has millions of life in the form of different species living inside water and staying there due to consumption of liquid oxygen from within water.

For water bodies and their higher ecosystem, the concentration of toxic pollutants from outside water source is very dangerous. Many living beings including fishes live inside rivers owing to the presence of liquid oxygen inside water bodies. Marine species while inside waters breathe from the waters by taking out liquid oxygen contents from it. Due to mass scale pollutants entering into water, advent of large number of carbon dioxide into the chemical composition of water creates imbalance oxygen requirements of marine species. When marine species are classified water, they utilize liquid oxygen dissolved inside river water to breathe. Awaited to mass scale disposal of polluted sewage sludge inside river, amount of carbon dioxide and nitrogen increased are beyond imagination. These chemical compounds replace oxygen and take a place inside water contents. All these create an unstable critical environment for marine bodies to sustain life deep inside water. 

Polluted water affects marine and water tourism industries: 

Massive particles such as small pebbles, solid particles like a trivial matter is deposited in storm water through a natural process of kinetic energy. Massive particles are deposited storm water and transferred into sewage sludge and enter into the river to pollute clean waters. Pathogens such as virus and bacteria stay within discharged water to completely erode health issues to animals and humans who use such waters for sanitations purposes. Even those waters become so polluted that it becomes huge issues for recycling at nearby water systems to convert excellent water products for human consumption. At many locations, bumping and unrepaired roads lead to rising of water pollution. When storm water goes above it, slowly it takes away mud, oils and dirt and creates a pull of pollutants and sludge of water for the entire environment colluded with deeper pollutions.

Numerous industries depend upon health of marine life and most times due to these mass scale pollution they suffer the most in financial as well as health related issues. These companies suffer monetary losses, in which profitable commercial fishing industries are involved. Awaited to heavily polluted atmosphere inside water bodies, commercial tourism related to water tourism as well as other recreational activities leads to a complete standstill. All these are related with sterile water as most of the visitors reach to different places in order to get back good health so that they can breathe easily and have a good life revived from already stressed life style they have been there as native locations. Because of pathogens and toxic materials, the smell oozing out from the water has been so much dangerous for healthy people that even people on those nearby places tend to go back as the spell of dangerous air looms large upon them. 

Save nature save earth: 

The earth is the unique planet of the universe and still to date. There is no other habitat planet like Earth exists. Though we cannot know in future what will happen or maybe we can find another similar planet but currently there is no other planet similar to Earth, and this goes on to show we do not have other escape routes to live on other than earth. Pathogens inside sewage water create algae, which are formed by parasites and stays with boats and steamers but slowly cut through boats to make it dangerous for tourists to go for a tour inside already contaminated water. Many oceans at bay and great lakes do contain a high degree of polluting agents that can indirectly affect the health of individuals. High-degree of storm water leads to massive floods in adjacent areas costing large scale damage to people and property. Storm water gives large scale health hazards to people who get sick after being in contact with it. Polluted water is a major source of health problems which give rise to permanent health hazards and remove immunity from human body. It is always tough to match development without hurting nature.

Many pro-development activists always confirm about the importance attached to a high degree of living standards that correlates cutting up large scale of trees all around as well as attending different parameters at different locations. Nature cannot be replaced and humans cannot create nature. There has to be a constant situation in which the development of nature is possible. It is important to make green industries all over to have less impact on nature through recycling. It does not want to create industries at the cost of nature. This will turn out to be more costly towards latent expenditure. Cleaning up sewage water takes a huge sum of money due to introduction of various similar technologies that require huge grounds and a series of processes for complete cleaning of sewage waters. 

Remove pollutants from road and highways: 

It is less expenditure to create decent storm water runoff than post treatment of storm water after it becomes complete sewage water. These help nature to put these services in native manners when flow of storm water comes about during cyclones. Individuals should not build concrete structures in household runoff. The route of storm water should not have been covered with a huge mountain of sludge that can block and pollute the flow of storm waters. During storm or heavy rain, the flow of wind is on higher side and when these waters recedes, it comes about with super force of air, ran through all mud, oil and other toxic pollutants and create a mixture of water which is more hazardous than poison. Communities can avoid many of these costly measures by clearing all preventions for smooth flowing of high tides during extreme rain. It is always a good idea to create massive clear lands so that the flow of water should not have been more pronounced and in the process, water course there does not provide any such obstruction to contaminate water.

In this way, quality of storm water remains better and provides massive amenities for large water pool which can be useful in times of urgency. Nature gives us rain in order to compensate for water in underground earth crust. It is our duty to make it cleaner so that it can be recycled and level of ground water could be enhanced to a maximum point where there should be extreme comfort for us in future when other seasons arrive and end of rainy seasons of that year comes about. Increase number of kitchen gardening in households where organic fertilizers are used can substantially reduce conversion of storm water into sewage water. Most of water drained naturally into the ground to remain naturally filtered inside earth crust. It needs to have a constructive approach to remove pollutants from roads and highways immediately after storm water precipitation in those localities. 

Wetland and rain forest: 

In low impact development technology (LID) integrating functions like storage, detention, evaporation captures runoff waters from its extreme flow and revives lost transportation by incorporating green infrastructure by reducing pollutants loads and avoiding gravel accumulation and erosion. Construction of grassy areas along roads creates a substitute filtering mechanisms for drainage water inside runoff. Thick grassy areas nearer to runoff clear pollutants of storm waters and stop fat particles from flowing within waters courses. Rain gardens are modern concept, but it encourages plantation and decelerate storm waters to roam fast into locality and stops mass scale destruction there. Rain forest is part of land constitutes mostly of thick grass and most of the time, these grasses are of unwanted categories, but they stay there and clean storm water and perform better than grasses of runoff.

In some areas, in order to beautify the city, rain garden is formed with a different form of vegetation along with various different categories of plants and flowers that has been demonstrated to the public. Along with the creation of smaller playground for kids and proper water management development of a viable alternative tourist destination can be possible. All these places can be developed considering the increase of greenery all around city as well as the creation of safer friendly surroundings in which the entire stretch of land where there is no inhabitation can be developed for the betterment of people. These places can be a better alternative source of revenue for the government and can be better developed as one of healthier city place. Wetland is a low area where the land is saturated with water.

Most of times, water, do not dissolve and stays there in most part of the year. Wet Lands, rain gardens are examples of green infrastructure. Most part of highways and roads consists of barren lands and in many parts only long trees are there. In those places thinking environmental positions, part of these lands can be created for wetlands and rain garden purposes. In this approach, those wetlands and rain forests can minimize carbon expulsion from incoming and outgoing vehicles in roadways as well as these can provide adequate shelter for visitors from staunching summer heat as well as from heavy monsoon rains. When storm water flows into roadways, unable to filter or sink into earth crust, the green infrastructure alongside roadways provides a better shelter for sewage water so that water gets filtered before joining the river. Inside most part of city where diversion and subway are there, footpaths can be replaced with grassy pavements which not only give green look to environment but also give wonderful opportunities for rain and storm water to filter and reach to ground water level without much signs of pollutions. 

Natural infiltration based approaches to filter rainwater: 

Construction of green infrastructure can be taken in places of parking areas, traffic islands, road pavements, road shoulders, sidewalks and footpaths. In low traffic roads besides streets of smaller rainwater zones, as well as wetlands can decrease fear of floods as well as clean storm water completely. It is still said that nature can only cure other nature’s malaises. These are called infiltration based approaches to filter rain, storm and sewage water completely. Green infrastructure stays between the flow of stormwater to obstruct its massive speed and break it into separate sub streams of filter water before releasing it to join river or lake beside there. In this way, they restore original hydrological condition of water by removing pollutants and parasites agents from water through the process of natural infiltration. Effectiveness of grass swale is beyond imagination.

Grass is a natural food for grazing animals. They grow naturally at any field. Grass is tiny green plants and is very strong and they can sustain super cyclone air streams. For this grass provides natural pavement for rainwater Grasses provide access to sewage water to reach deep into earth crust or filter water well before it joins the river or lake. Statistically and financially, natural green infrastructure provides cost effective means to develop better filtering system than manual technologically brilliant filtering system which needs to manpower heavier investments, and a large chunk of lands to filter rain and storm water.

Green infrastructure provides a highly effective means of nature’s protection than traditional environmental protection occurring out from manual filtering mechanisms. Green infrastructure gets natural irrigation for vegetations and plants as well as filtered storm waters can be diverted to different stretches of agriculture lands in order to provide round the clock watering system for good productions of foods. It gives ample opportunities for authorities and administrators to have complete access of stormwater to modify and create a pull of waters which can then be manually filtered and run through different methods in order to reach to level of supremacy alongside better function of providing drinking waters in cheaper prices during scorching summer heat. There can be many useful uses of sewage, rain and storm waters. Rain waters are sweet and there are very few sweet waters zones are left in the earth. These water swales can preserve wildlife habitat and be a groom field for many natural living species. It has been seen many rainforests provide room for many new and surprising species which many people have never ever thought of it. 

Heat island effect: 

Rain forest of Africa and Amazons has shown researchers that there are greater possibilities of newer species or hidden species inside trees and water than in dried forests. For this, it is essential to create green environment not only for human civilization but also for other species that have an equal right to live here as we humans have. Green infrastructure within the city limits provides natural process of reducing carbon dioxide emissions from the environment as well as provides greater environment for creating generic surroundings for living species. Wetland systems also provide breaks to storm water flow and moderate its speed before storm water joins rivers. Research has shown that with increasing number of green infrastructure around the city; trees, moths and other species works day and night to remove pollutants from sewage water deposited there and in this way provide natural filtering facilities for sewage water. It is always a good idea to employ a natural process for re engineering of natural substances. Creation of natural green environment such as wetlands and rain forest leads to a comprehensive reduction of urban heat island effect.

Due to rapid industrialization in relation with cosmopolitan culture; massive erosion of green environment lead to completing and fool proof environment of urban heat island effect as most of the sun ray could not be returned to the atmosphere due to non-presence of a green environment. As a result; cities are often two degrees warmer than normal atmospheric temperature and due to the massive increase of heat in these regions, slowly; the natural climate for which the city is known for goes into more intense heat zone. More heat means more generation of carbon dioxide gases that result less comfortable for living creatures. It is high time to reduce urban heat island effect, with increase of green infrastructure around the city in order to stop mass exodus of heat related ailments, mortalities and significant decrease of greenhouse gas emissions. This will significantly reduce and absorb infrared radiation. Infrared wavelengths are greater than visible lights but shorter than radio waves. Increase range of infrared wave length is not good for living species. These can lead to profound humanitarian problems for living species such as untimely occurrences of alien diseases and unexpected and sudden change of climatic conditions. 

Ancient waste water management system in Cuttack: 

Various cost-effective controls on waste water management through different transport mediums can be supplemented for better stormwater management. In few areas, governments have been trying to combine green infrastructure with the traditional form of technology for a comprehensive wastewater management system. Most villages of Cuttack district of Odisha have been connected with different institutional facilities thanks to better waste water and flood water management system which has been there for ages. In middle ages, the water course of the Mahanadi river (the biggest river of Odisha) has always been flooded with stormwater and sewage waters from Cuttack city. During that time, a builder devised a strategy for a complete waste water management of Cuttack city. Big drains and canals are built-in nuke and corner of Cuttack and all these lead to west side of Cuttack just opposite site of Cuttack city.

On the west side of Cuttack, one of the biggest forest of coastal Odisha stands and in this way, the entire forest has become a sort of permanent wetland for comprehensive wastewater management. The name of that forest is Chandaka forest. Think about it such scientific and natural water purifier system was possible during fifth century AD. Due to this project, which stands even today though with the introduction of hybrid waste water management in modern times, the city of Cuttack is in a position to survive floods of Mahanadi without any difficulties. If that project did not see light of the day, then surely, the name of Cuttack city in the historical map of Odisha and India would not have been able to there at the first instance. 

During that time, the forest of Chandaka was well known for some notorious thugs of aggressive and violent young criminals in dark ages of history during fifth century AD, where they used to loot devotees reaching from around India to reach at Jagannath of Puri. During that time, capital of state of Odisha was at Cuttack. The new capital Bhubaneswar was built after independence and it is along with Chandigarh are two of the most planned city across India. In order to remove menaces of thugs, king of Odisha decided to make forest of Chandaka a wetland and even today, that place remains as it is and when visitors go along with vehicles around this forest through well built cement roads, finds vast stretches of waters both sides of roads and get glimpse of all forms of natural species and enjoy every moment within this well built green environment. This is an example of how a proper waste water management through natural processes of creation of wetland can generate a greater peaceful environment as well as provide natural amenities for people around there in order to have clear access to natural drink water and staying inside a very good peaceful environment devoid of any outside discrepancies.

Here, is another instance of how modern civilization has destroyed ancient built better waste water management system and have made a mockery of sewage and drainage water system in the name of urbanization and industrialization. The city of Puri is situated alongside of coast of Bay of Bengal having mass advent of floating population. Climate of Puri is extreme; having predominantly three seasons in a year. It has hot summer, followed closely by heavy rainy seasons and then an extremely cold winter. For the last few years, all three seasons are becoming more extreme having temperature on hot summer seasons goes to 42 degrees centigrade. In last four to five years, maximum temperature of Puri increased from 36 degree centigrades to now 42 degree centigrades this year. 

Deep nexus between land mafia and politicians is destroying green environment: 

Due to mass scale exploitation of natural resources, many of such green infrastructure have been completely destroyed which leads to severe stress on nature. Due to the massive influx of floating population in festive seasons to coastal town of Puri, more and newer hotel beside sea-beach and at the eastern entrances of Puri was constructed by builders and real-estate owners. All these builders have massive political influences that lead to a stronger sense of cohesive units that create a deeper nexus of land mafia around these regions. If want to sea-beach you will know that the height of sea water level is actually higher than earth level of Puri. During fifth century AD, the then king who is known as Gajapati (Owner of lots of elephants) due to highest number of elephant armory in his army, have built ten kilometers long artificial forest drench through the coast of Bay of Bengal in order to create vast stretch of wetland to filter drainage water of city before falling into sea. These ten kilometers long forest stretch works as a barrier to stop the super cyclone and other forms of cyclones, which generally occur once in a decade.

During super cyclone of 1999, most of these long stretches of forests have been cut off illegally not caring any consideration for legal immunities and then a long stretch of the hotel is constructed to facilitate tourists. In this way, ten kilometers of wetlands are weakened considerably, and this leads to a massive influx of black water of the sea as well as sewage water coming back into town with massive speed of wind pierced nearby hamlets all over there. Due to greed of money with strong powerful backing from certain influential people who have been destroying hundreds of year’s natural protected barriers along the coast of sea. This lead to massive polluted storm waters and in most areas the underground water inside the city of Puri is polluted with massive bacteria that in most times, ignorant people who drink and use such waters have fallen prey to many rare waterborne diseases. Few good citizens of the city went to the door of honorable High Court at Cuttack. Even after the prohibition of construction in these sectors, still there is no fear from these builders and real-estate owners. Natural course of all these constructions of anti green infrastructure has resulted in massive increase of normal temperature during summer times. There has been a massive increase of cold in winter and huge rainfall during rainy seasons. 

Sudden disappearance of river: 

Most of these buildings are constructed along marine drive road at Puri. Only sweet water zone of Puri is situated nearer to marine drive road. Most of these sewage waters from these big hotels remain unattended and stays over the sweet water zone for days unhandled. Slowly, the amount of ground water sweet water zone is constantly on the decline and this can affect hugely to live by standards of permanent citizens of Puri. River Musa was flowing along the eastern coast of Puri. It is opposite to the sea coast. Since the ages, basic sewage system of Puri is connected with this river after going through famous wetland know as “Atharnala (the eighteen canals) which filters rain, sewage and storm waters naturally before joining river.

The eighteen canals were built-in the era of before Christ (BC) is an engineering marvel. It is situated at the entrance check gate going towards Puri from capital Bhubaneswar. Eighteen canals filter sewage water, flood water and storm water through eighteen natural processes and then release those waters to nearby River Musa, from which most of the waters then go through scientifically water filtering system to convert into good drinking water for citizens. Many international scholars have been reaching for eighteen canals to look at how these functions and they are astonished by the level of engineering brilliance constructed many years back. It is an engineering marvel constructed three thousand years ago and still working and never ever be broken or at fault. The level of pollutants has become less when sewage water moves into it and this has been justified by many scientific scholars.

Sadly, in the last few years, the waters of the river of Musa are now completely exhausted and many modern cement structures made with asphalt have been created and sold commercially. Now, River Musa is not there and also with it starts the age old phenomenon of sewage water drainage problem. Now, after one hour of rain, the eastern side of Puri is flooded with water, due to lack of waste water management and proper sanitation system. Waters is unable to move out from the eastern side to the other side due to completely blockage of age old green infrastructure. This result in massive storage of waste water inside the city stopping all valuable acts for more than four hours even after one hour of incessant raining. It is another example how greedy business men for the sake of their own benefits can hamper the interests of many people making them prey to complete disastrous flood like situation all over in the arena. 

An example of well documented waste water management program: 

The Edmonston, Maryland Green Street project, was expected to be completed in the year 2010 successfully. This city was continually under the duress of flood and storm water problems which leads to mass scale diseases and severe breakage of blood circulations inside internal body. Due to mud sliding and flooding, most of infra structural facilities had been in the state of occur discordance. A team of scientists had researched extensively about this statement of the problem and prepared a well documented and practical stormwater management program.

In earlier times, due to worse storm water management and irregularity in sewage water management the runoff to neighboring Anacostia River is completely flooded and polluted with worse water. Proper management of sewage water has historically been a problem there and for this there has been heavy water mismanagement and that leads to complete mayhem across this city. A team of environmental scientists have prepared groundwork for setting up some of efficient lighting all across streets, with wide side paths and separate place for bike paths as well as creation of some of good rain forests there which can filter water there naturally and also grow plants that will create green environment around city life.

Due to creation of a rain forest and wetlands most of sewage waters coming out from different households as well as from storm water from heavy precipitations lead to massive flow of water from across different regions of the city. Due to large scale presence of rain forest and wetlands most part of high tide in land areas has been absorbed deep into the soil and has been slowed down before it finally joins the Anacostia River. In earlier times, sewage water and storm water fall directly into the Anacostia River making it most polluted river ever in that region.

The state of water of the Anacostia River has been massively polluted with different toxic materials and due to presentation of large scale carbon dioxide diluting entire water benefits. Marine life inside Anacostia River becomes dangerous as most of these receive liquid oxygen when they stay silent inside water. In many parts of counties nearby, people use water for their daily sanitation activities through local administrative distribution. It leads to wide scale gigantic spread of waterborne diseases. Afterthoughts; of these incidents lead to massive creation of green infrastructure.

All across the Edmonston, Maryland Green Street. After successful completion of this green-field project, 90% of tropical storm water is now diverted into rain water and wetlands leading to immense conservation of storm water. Within two years, there has been considerable increase in sweetwater underground zone nearer to The Edmonston, Maryland Green Street. Slowly, entire atmosphere fills with large scale of oxygen and there are no signs of the advent of untimely floods within those regions. A large chunk of forestation is possible due to creation of rain forests all across the city. Rain forest leads to the creation and growth of large scale increase of wild forests which is mostly beneficial to reduce urban heat island effect. Urban heat island effect is generated owing to mass scale deforestation and irregular management of stormwater and sewage water all across specific area. Increase of urban heat island effect on land areas leading to a massive increase of heat in specific areas. This leads to considerable deflection of the ozone layer and which can be dangerous for health of human life. 

Water is life: 

To human, the most vital aspect of human life is water. Water is precious and it goes into different organs easily and transfers different nutrients all across human body. When polluted water comes into organs through the mouth of humans it also carries different toxics as well as different hazardous substances into inside human body. Traditional transfer of sewage water into rivers is not a reliable method of water transportation. Green infrastructure which relies mostly on creation of rain forests, wetlands, wider pathways creates a set stage for systematically obstruction of storm water by decreasing the flow of water running off to the river. Massive particles stays inside the rain forest due to massively presence of trees that blocks all forms of particles to let normal water zipped into run off to the river.

The process of cleaning water in construction of green infrastructure leads to massive addition of one time cost to the exchequer but in the long term this results in different avenues for generating mass scale investment projects in different green infrastructures. Most of these areas have the potential for development through public-private- partnerships (PPP). Mass scale increase of rain forests and wetlands enhances fertility of soils and in the long term this has manageable impact on environments for different lands to be more productive and fertile. Studies have shown that traditional natural methods for natural infiltration along runoff are always been helpful for reducing speed of rainwater as well as creating an environment for safe filtering of sewage waters.

Cost-effective rainwater projects: 

Creation of such spontaneous infiltration projects to curb speed of rain water has always been a cost-effective process. Creation of rain forests and wetlands does not need careful attendance of professional gardeners; these can be grown easily without any human help. Most of these trees grow are of wild origin as they can sustain deem and bustle of hazards of sudden climatic changes. Scorching summer heat does not stop these forests to grow from their genuine influence. Throughout world, it has been seen and experienced; presence of rainwater makes soil fertility and considerably reduces dangerous heat island effect. Most of trees of rain forest and wetland shed their leaves during winter seasons and stay with leaves during summer times.

This narrows the effect of high intense heat all around in the vicinity. Rain forest also removes the fear of flash floods within that locality. Many a time, flash floods carry out mudslides and landslides in civilization locality. This results in creation of mass scale devastation in and around townships of nearby areas. With the advent of forests in and around township areas, possibility of mud slide and landslide becomes almost zero. Rain forest and wetlands reduce all forms of possibilities of creation of mud due to the presence of large scale plantation which simply blocks soil parts of mud in their way to run off to the city.

Wetlands to engulf on mud and landslide and stop approaching land avalanche from entering into township areas. Wetlands are created on the surface of barren lands where in its earlier stages of development there is very little chance of cultivation in the primary stage of the creation of wetlands. Research has shown when barren lands are converted into wetlands for three to four years continuously, the entire nature of land undergoes sea-change by becoming cultivated arable lands. In the subsequent years, these wetlands can be turned into rain forests for creation of a complete green infrastructure. 

Free clean water and healthy air: 

This approach provides wide scale benefits to administration and citizens by providing complete economic and environmentally viable projects. Advent of green infrastructure gives additional benefits to local residents such as giving away a healthy air and water to residents. All these green environments lead to massive beautification of nature which leads to a huge change of mindset of citizens all across residents. It provides more natural site for citizens as well as a safer place to live together. Recent research has tried to point out the primary reason for non existence of Indus Valley civilization was the advent of huge famine.

They had not developed adequate rain forest and wetlands to prepare themselves in times of acute water shortages. Due to massive irrigation of rain water, they have perhaps forgotten to create creation of massive water storage in times of emergency. This goes on show how proper management river water is significantly viable to manage shortages of water. Recent immense landslide at Pune goes on to show how badly management of stormwater can lead to massive destruction and ending of precious life. Villages nearer to heavy rain zones must be accompanied with large scale rain forest and wetlands.

During occurrences of incessant rain, the rain water runoff must be filled with massive infiltration of natural green infrastructure so that imminent landslides can be absorbed and suppressed within such green infrastructure projects. No artificial concrete structures can withstand directly upon force of nature. The pure green environment can withstand such nature’s fury. There is no time such as tomorrow. Human civilization can go beyond and construct geological structures through the process of artificial construction so that in the future most natural calamities can be deferred and can be weakened through the process of natural infiltrations and obstructions.

All these performance based green infrastructures must undergo within a specified limit of infra structural regulations. It must prescribe certain forms of duties and responsibilities to nearby residents in order to stop them from encroaching and destroying natural green infrastructures. All such projects require active help from residential communities and in all such projects direct participation of communities in attending and creating greater transparency among different green infrastructures gives nod ahead of others in terms of gaining competitive advantages ground from others. 

Stop green house gas radiation: 

It creates absolute sustenance of complete continue on such projects as most times the stakeholders join directly with such projects. Here, local residents are stakeholders of such green environments and they will not ever do any such damage to such projects as it leads to massive disturbances of their social life and sustenance. In many countries instead of going for a community driven approach of maintaining green infrastructure, administrators opt out for massive committee driven approach which involves various shared stakeholders who do not possess massive local knowledge which is a must for every developmental works. Government must build large scale wetlands in no population areas between townships along the side path of national highways. This not only deposit large chunk of water in these wetlands but also create new avenues for government to build a proper technical water sanitation and filtration facilities so that all these storm waters and sewage waters can indeed convert into different form of drinking water for citizens. Apart from this all these re-engineering processes plants can run with electricity generated from wind energy to create a climate which is favorable for nature. 

Depending on United Nations (UN); United States (US) and Australia are two countries which have maximum greenhouse gas radiation from their respective industries. It is a pity these two nations are constantly taking a prominent role in various world agencies in bringing about reduction of green house energy sources of different countries except their own industries. Australia has taken a smaller step that can prove to be a giant leap in times to come for diverse industries standard to implement such green infrastructures stricter regulation policies. They have introduced stricter carbon emission standards and compulsory implementation of in house waste water management policies for all industries. If industries fail with these, they are bound to be fined and warned and continuance of such bad practices against green infrastructure will lead to severe penalties and force closure of such industries. Nature conscious people all over Australia have praised this move and with this slow, Australia has been able to reduce the amount of carbon footprint from atmosphere. This implemented policy of Australia is an eye opener for all such nations who are mostly calling them improved the cost of manipulating basic characteristics of nature. 


Considering all aspects of planning the most conspicuous part of a simple implementation is to create awareness among local residents and empower them to protect their land and nature. Local residents stay there and they have to face the brunt of nature if such fury of nature ever happens at any point in time. Floating population is lost they cannot take any such mode of decision making to implement it on newer grounds. Government and administrators must give patronage to neighborhood residents to create a room for awareness among residents. Government at the first instance must go for making green infrastructure within residential areas such as runoffs, pavements, pathways so that immediate benefit of close to nature will be signed up to local residents. Removal of corrupt officials who generally make dilly darling tactics should be doing away with from their duties immediately. Waste water management of stormwater gives away maximum financial, environmental and ecological benefits to residents.

There should be comprehensive regulatory agencies to look after sewage water sanitation system as well as storm water cleansing processes in run offs. These agencies should be constantly above any such state or central administrative agency. These agencies should run independent of government departments and should have a stronger judicial power in order to adjudicate the matter of disputes regarding management of waste water management in localities. There should be a separate audit mechanism for industries which deals with large scale of water such as coal, aluminum, cement and so on. Time to time proper management of sewage waters which are rich in high degree of toxic pollutants must be investigated by separate refining industries in order to see how these companies are performing in terms of corporate social responsibilities. If any industry fails to follow standard operating procedures of implementation of house sewage water filtration mechanisms then such industry must be taught a lesson by implementing severe financial penalties in order to mend their way of working.

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