Insects are animals having six legs. They are found almost everywhere. In this we will read about main features of insects and how some of them are harmful to us.

Insects are of different types. An insect’s body is divided into three parts –head, middle part (thorax) and abdomen. It has one or two pairs of wings and three pairs of legs. It breathes through a system of tiny air tubes which runs all over its body. Almost all insects lay eggs. Some of them creep and crawl. They are called creepy crawlies. Some of them crawl as well as fly.

Insects parts- head, antennae, foreleg, middle leg, hind leg, wing, thorax, abdomen.

Main features of insects

Insets have six legs and one or two pair of wings. Most of them live in dark and dirty places. They have a very strong sense of smell. They smell through their antennae which are present on their heads.

Some of them such as ant, termite and lice crawl. Some of them have wings. They crawl as well as fly. For example, houseflies, mosquitoes, wasps and cockroaches fly as well as crawl. Some other creatures such as earthworms, centipedes, millipedes and spiders are crawling animals. They are not insects as they have more than six legs.

This is detail about some crawling creatures.

Name- place where they live -food that they eat and diseases caused by them

a) Silverfish- live in old books, clothes- they eat up paper and cloth

b) mosquitoes- live and breed in water - they suck human blood

c) Cockroaches- live in toilets, damp places- they eat garbage

d) lice- - live on bodies of human, animals- they suck blood

e) bedbugs- -live in dirty places, in beds, coats- they suck human blood

f) ants- -live in a nest, built by them- eat food crumbs, flour, and sweet, wood

g) Houseflies - - lice in dirty place, garbage –eat leftover food, garbage, carry germs

h) Spiders -live in cobwebs -eat small insects like flies, mosquitoes

I am spider not an insect as I have eight legs. I am your friend because I make a web on walls and other nooks and corners to catch files and insects. I also cat mosquito that are harmful to you.

Though I am ant very small yet I am very strong. I can pull things that are 300 times heavier than me. I can also lift things that are 50 times heavier than me.

Beware of me as I am housefly carry germs of many diseases. I have sticky pads under my feet that help me to walk upside down on ceiling. I love to sit on uncovered food items.

Praveen had eaten food from a street vendor. The food items were not covered. Now he is vomiting and having loose motions. The insects which caused this are houseflies.

Basher is suffering from malaria. He is having very high fever. The insect with whose bite he got malaria is mosquitoes.



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