It is a special gift offered by the nature to the human being is the sense of division of good and bad. The numerous benefits have been acquired by the human kind from the gift of nature. Nature is possessed with the landed portion, sea area, hills and hillocks and several water courses like rivers, ponds, channels, etc. Day after day, it allows discovering so many things it already possessed with it. In fact, so many matters could not even be recognized by the learned at this advanced stage. It is a continuous process of offering so many novelties daily by the nature for the up-to-date convenience to the world people.


The way in which the early human being had an attachment with the nature:

In olden days, men lived with the nature’s gift alone. He ate foods given by the nature and had been in good health. He used the cattle like bullocks, and other animals already exist around the world for his daily routine. He saved the trees and other plants while construction works were under taken by proper planning. In respect of calculation to know the timings, he followed the procedure with regard to sun rise and set. He used magnet to find out the various directions. Besides using the cattle like bullocks, etc. for the purpose to plough the lands and also used their waste as manure for the crops as a natural manure to get more yield. He consumed natural foods like fruits and vegetables and various kinds of grass, green leaves, etc., and saved money towards this expenditure besides getting strength and energy. During rainy seasons, he made proper arrangements to save water by putting reservoirs; ponds, etc., and used the water so reserved for the other seasons for cultivation of food crops and his other requirements. By this way, the underground water was also raised, and it helped for digging wells to get enough water. By this way, in and around the place of livelihood, there were greenly atmospheres existed. By his strength, he suppressed the house hold animals under his control. He showed great interest by raising trees and other plants to protect the nature besides getting rainfall timely. By these manual efforts, he maintained a pleasant atmosphere, had good air to breath and work hard to get strength and health. He lived in the open air peacefully by getting clear and clean air and good atmosphere and had enough rest by going to sleep during the night hours. He didn’t know the use of plastic and other clothes made by unnatural ways and wore merely the dresses made by cotton. As regards vessels, only the copper and mud made articles were used, which added the strength of human being. The hills stood as natural borders to add beauty to the atmosphere. By the various efforts for saving water courses, the rain flowed during the seasonal periods without any failure. The rivers appeared as regular water courses for all the seasons to provide enough water to feed the needs of the mankind. To summarize these facts we have to say that the mankind in the olden days protected the nature with motherly feeling and had given them the names pertaining to the feminine gender like Cauvery, Ganga etc., to mark his affection showed towards them.

The change of nature due to subsequent generations:

Due to the rise of population, the mankind has to seek the remedy in increasing the habitation area. For this purpose, he destroyed the forest wealth and converts them into residential areas for his livelihood. Besides this, he commenced to use the agricultural lands also which became the reason for under growth of the essential commodities today. He left the constructions made of bricks and developed the usage of cement and cement mortar. To fulfill his selfish needs, he created various things, which have no way connected with the nature. To get granites, he cuts the hills and hillocks and thereby destroying them in a large scale. He used the sand of the water ways in a larger extent for the construction of houses. There is no guarantee for these constructions built during the recent days. In so many cases, the strength of the building became questionable and in so many cases, there were cracks found, and they could not be decided as to how long the building will exist. Unlike the olden days, the usage of electricity became normal for all the public, and most of the general public uses Air-conditioner for coolness. The usage of natural air has become rare. By this method, the earth becomes heat and common benefits are denied to be enjoyed.

Now, the regularly flowing water courses have become dry with little water in them. The human being drank usually the herbal mixed water to the older periods at present compulsorily to take the so called purified water derived from the sea water. Actually, the agriculturist now witnesses before his own face the ruining of the crops raised by him with so many hurdles and hardships. Due to his inadvertency, he uses now-a-days the chemical manures to get more yield from the sowed seeds. The persons that used such crops involved with so many diseases caused due to the chemical substances they had with them. Besides this, there is an utter change in the worldly atmosphere.

The various destructed materials unearthed during the earlier period such as coal, iron and gold, etc., were more useful to the human kind. It is an extreme evil and sin to allow the drainage to be mixed with the great ocean from which he derives pearls and fishery wealth. Is it correct to take the keen interest towards the creation of novelties at the one side and to destroy the nature on the other side?

Is it justifiable to destroy the nature’s wealth for his selfishness by using the so-called artificial things which are actually bad to health? By going through several practical lessons about the benefits over the life in coordination with the nature, actually and practically during his real life, he refuses to act with those useful lessons he learned from books. Sucking the underground water for the use of mankind is a continuous process now-a-days. It will result finally that the underground water will be vanished fully even without a single drop. It may appear as a Mirage usually seen in the deserted area. This position will happen if this process is not stopped at least at this juncture without making suitable arrangements to save the rain water. Mankind refuses to allow improving the present natural ways but on the other hand, finding out so many things imagining themselves. They will be more useful without acquiring sufficient knowledge about their evilness. He could not fight against the natural disasters by his approach of finding out so many things, which are against the nature. He feels his faults only after the practical experience gained by the nature disasters and could not fight against them. With the intension of cooperating with the nature, he plants trees only here and there to show that he is growing forest wealth.


It is impossible to substitute something to replace nature’s gifts. The earth requires plants to grow upon it, likewise; the man requires the general knowledge about the nature’s gift and to follow in line with it to live with health and wealth. The purpose the gift of knowledge offered by the nature to the human being only is really to think in deep in all matters and come to good decisions to uplift his welfare. This special gift offered only to create things connected with nature but not for destruction. It is easy to destroy a constructed thing, but it will take more pain and hardships for its creation. If the mankind, instead of leaving any sort of properties for their descendants, it is better to allow the nature as it is without trying to destroy them during his life time. The present-day community should declare themselves to protect and allow the nature to exist as it is. By this declaration and oath will result the future India to be prosperous, strengthened besides possessing natural beauty.  At the same time, it will be in a large extent to the coming generation to enjoy and lead a peaceful life during their entire life time.

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