Indian Gooseberry is popularly known as Aamla in Hindi and Amalik in Sanskrit. The tree of Indian Gooseberry belongs to Phyallanthaceace family and is of deciduous in nature. Indian Gooseberry is used in traditional Indian medicines in the form of fresh fruit or dried form. All parts of plants are useful in medicines and herbal preparation. Indian Gooseberry contains all the tastes and hence it balances all the body systems. 

The Indian Gooseberry has a very sacred place in Hindu mythology. It is said that God Vishnu dwells in this tree. The tree is worshipped on Ambalika Ekadashi. It is believed that Indian Gooseberry originated from Amrit that spilled during Samudra Manthan. Due to its origin it cures all the diseases and increases the longetivity. 

Maharashtra is the largest producer and supplier of Indian Gooseberry followed by Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. It is rich in vitamin C and also contains minerals, calcium, phosphorous, iron, carotene and B-complex. 

Indian Gooseberry has a wide variety of health benefits. It strengthens the roots of hair thus promoting hair growth.  It also enriches hair pigmentation thus maintaining hair color. Its antioxidant property prevents hair fall and hair damage.  The high carotene content of Indian Gooseberry has powerful effect on vision related conditions thus improving cataract and night blindness.

Indian gooseberry also helps our body to absorb calcium which is essential for our teeth, bones, and nails. High protein content of Aamla helps in cellular growth and muscular development. The corium content in Indian gooseberry stimulates the insulin secreting group of cells thus reducing blood sugar levels of diabetic patient. 

The diuretic nature of Indian gooseberry increases the frequency and volume of urination, thus helping the body to eliminate unwanted toxins and salts. High fiber contents of Aamla reduce the chances of constipation by keeping the bowel movements regular. The antibacterial and astringent property of Indian gooseberry and Vitamin C content improves immune system of body and protect it from infection and allergy.

A fruit of Indian Gooseberry contains 80% water, minerals, carbohydrates and water. Thus consuming Indian gooseberry daily in dried or fruit form is essential for healthy life.

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